Which Indians did Mission San Diego in California target?

Which Indians did Mission San Diego in California target?

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    Mission San Diego de Alcalá

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    Mission San Diego de Alcalá

    The chapel façade of Mission San Diego de Alcalá

    as it appeared in 2008.

    Location 10818 San Diego Mission Rd.

    San Diego, California 92108-2429

    Name as founded La Misión San Diego de Alcalá[1]

    English translation The Mission of Saint Didacus of Alcalá[2]

    Patron Saint Didacus of Alcalá[1]

    Nickname(s) "Mother of the Alta California Missions"[3]

    Founding date July 16, 1769[4]

    Founding priest(s) Father Presidente Junípero Serra [5]

    Founding Order First[2]

    Headquarters of the Alta California Mission System 1769–1771[6]

    Military district First[7][8]

    Native tribe(s)

    Spanish name(s) Kumeyaay (Ipai / Tipai)[4]


    Native place name(s) Kosoi, Nipawai[9]

    Baptisms 6,522[10]

    Confirmations 1,379[11]

    Marriages 1,794[10]

    Burials 4,322[10]

    Neophyte population 1,455[10][12]

    Secularized 1834[2]

    Returned to the Church 1862[2]

    Governing body Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego

    Current use Parish Church

    Coordinates 32°47′4″N 117°6′23″W

    National Historic Landmark #NPS–70000144

    Date added to the NRHP 1970

    California Historical Landmark #242

    Website http://missionsandiego.com

    San Diego Mission Church

    U.S. National Register of Historic Places

    U.S. National Historic Landmark

    Nearest city: San Diego, California

    Coordinates: 32°47′4″N 117°6′23″WCoordinates: 32°47′4″N 117°6′23″W

    Built: 1808

    Architect: Fr. Jose Bernardo Sanchez

    Governing body: Private

    NRHP Reference#: 70000144

    Significant dates

    Added to NRHP: April 15, 1970[13]

    Designated NHL: April 15, 1970[14]

    Mission Basilica San Diego de Alcalá, in San Diego, California, was the first Franciscan mission in the Las Californias Province of the Viceroyalty of New Spain. It was founded in 1769 by Spanish friar Junípero Serra in an area long inhabited by the Kumeyaay Indians. The mission and the surrounding area were named for the Catholic Saint Didacus, a Spaniard more commonly known as San Diego. The mission was the site of the first Christian burial in Alta California. San Diego is also generally regarded as the site of the region's first public execution, in 1778. Father Luís Jayme, "California's First Christian Martyr," lies entombed beneath the chancel floor. The current church is the fourth to stand on this location.[15] The Mission is a National Historic Landmark.[14]

    In case you can not read founded in 1769 by Spanish friar Junípero Serra in an area long inhabited by the Kumeyaay Indians." it is in there above & answers the question. Wake up!

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