Best knife metal for a fictional mech?

this is sort of a faux question because it's not actually important, but hear me out:

I drew a mech, and one of its weapons is a high frequency knife (here's the picture: and i was wondering what a cool metal would be to have it made of, as i don't wanna just say it's "steel" or something like that. bearing in mind it has to be sharp and non-brittle, but doesn't have to hold an edge as the knife will have replaceable blades

on another note it doesnt necessarily have to be a metal. i thought of having it ceramic but thats rather too brittle for a combat knife.

thanks in advance ;)



by the way, just to re-iterate its the metal of the KNIFE that im asking for, NOT for the whole mech, sorry if that was confusing

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  • Bomba
    Lv 7
    8 years ago
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    Since it is your own fiction you should be fairly free to do some creative metaullurgy. Suppose there is a knife blade having a carbon fiber core and a surface comprising alumina dust sintered in talanium trioxide. Part of the scabbard would be internally lined with diamond dust fused in carbide to self- hone the blade edge.

    Source(s): Baldor, Chief Science Officer, the Planet Gaaak.
  • Tim C
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    Either alloy 440 stainless steel or High Speed Steel.

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