Continuity Announcers in the US?

Hi in the UK we have somthing called Continuity Announcers and they tell you whats coming up and when the program is just about to start they tell you.

Does this happen in the US.

Also what talk shows does the USA have. And Is Fox, ABC, NBC, CW, CBS all ad channels and what sort of adverts do they show

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  • 9 years ago
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    I seem to recall something like the Continuity Announcer on some channels when I was growing up. He would only tell you what was coming up, but that was it. They don't do it anymore though. I don't think they have since the 1980s...

    Nowadays they use these god awful banners on the bottom quarter of the screen to advertise other shows. Some networks even go as far as to shrink down the credits of the program that is ending, then show another screen with the show that is just beginning. It's like some bad version of picture-in-picture.

    Most stations show about 9-10 minutes of commercials per 30 minutes of TV. So if a show is "1 hour long" that means it's about 40 minutes of program, and 20 minutes of ads, split into 3 or 4 breaks. All I can say is thank goodness for DVRs!

    Some stations have started showing more commercials than that. MTV is quite bad. It shows so many ads that its shows don't start on time anymore. Spike Network, which is supposed to be for "men" has commercial breaks that are 10 to 30 minutes long(!) Yes they'll literally show an infomercial in the middle of a program. Oddly, the network can't figure out why they're losing viewers...

    The ads are basically the same as what you have over there. Food, cars, beer/wine/alcohol, TV shows, movies, medicine.

    We also get a huge number of ads for prescription drugs - including an explanation about how this drug may cause worse problems than the made-up one it's supposed to solve. Most drug ads are followed by ads from lawyers representing clients who took some other drug and experienced an unknown side-effect not mentioned in that drug's commercial's disclaimer, and are now suing the pharmaceutical company.

    Also, for some reason, we get a ton (and I do mean a TON) of ads for auto insurance. I don't know why. I mean, how many times do you change your auto insurance? I swear, it seems that half the ads are for auto insurance! Another popular topic for ads is for TV service - Comcast (cable TV), DirecTV or Dish Network (satellite services). I don't understand why Dish Network needs to advertise so much. I already HAVE Dish Network! I know all about their features! They don't need to sell me on Dish Network anymore! Comcast, meanwhile, is such a horrible company, they actually had to come up with a different name for their cable service to distance their product from their crummy company!

    Talk shows...with Oprah going off the air, our talk shows are complete trash. Literally. All that's left are junk like Maury Povich who has dumb women on who have been cheating on their husband/boyfriend and now don't know who the father of their unborn baby is. Fights break out often, and are encouraged by the equally trashy audience. Yeah the news programs try to have their discussions about the news of the day, but most folks just refer to these programs as "talking heads" because all you see are a bunch of small windows with each guest's head in it, jabbering away. Each trying to pretend to be more knowledgeable than the others. Bleh.

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