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Why is rock music considered satanic?

Even the heaviest of all (black metal) isn't satanic.. Come on.. most black metal bands poke fun of religion, but that's more atheist than satanic, wouldn't you say?

Come on, theists. Explain away

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    When someone who doesn't appreciate rock music tries to listen to it all they hear is a cacophony. It is confusing and unpleasant to their ear. And, as with many things, when someone doesn't understand, they fear and/or loathe that thing.

    All they know is the perception formed by the names and the stage presence of many bands who are making fun of it but appear quite real in their portrayal.

    I'm 45 years old and have been a metal head most of my life. I stopped listening when I was married to a minister because of the perception and the microscope I was under. The day we split up, I changed the dial in the car to the local rock station and never went back again.

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    Satanic Rock

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    Satanic Music

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    Actually the music isn't satanic at all. It is sometimes the words used and the obvious motives of some of the performers who openly state their disdain for God. There are many great Christian Rock bands whose music could be considered 'heavy' but their lyrics are about worship of God not satan.So to sum up Rock music in and of itself is not considered satanic.

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    well i have a question cause you do see a lot of bands use satanic themes and such in their music though i mean rock dosnt have to have any of that but why is there a lot of rock bands that do that? is it just a cultural thing or some sort sign of rebellion? its kinda interesting. I wonder :P

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    Because most theists don't take time to understand the music. AC/DC and Kiss were once considered satanic. So was Motley Crue. Give me a break people.

    @Jordan Dolly: Doesn't that mean country music, hip-hop music, any secular form of music is satanic?

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    I don't think all rock music is satanic. However there are a lot of bands that have blatant satanism, promotion of ungodliness and subliminal messages incorporated. But it's not just rock music that is part of satanic music. It's laced in most genres of music. OFWGKTA, some country artists, many others of diverse types of music.

    I like a lot of rock music and a lot of diverse music in general. Christian music has the same heart, but many different faces. Love in the heart and diverse genres.

    I just avoid listening to the ungodly music.

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    Illuminati satanic music industry exposed ^^^ Please don't be close minded. Give it a chance and evaluate it rationally.

    @Chaos: Really? Have you heard ABR, TIJ or TDWP? They're pretty popular dude. Leeland, Hillsong United, the Almost, Underoath, Phil Wickham are all pretty good too. Check them out

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    I don't know much about rock music but I do know something about music in general. Human beings are ruled by spirits. Both good and bad spirits possess people according to the situation and mental state of human beings. Different types of musics attracts different type of spirits. A research says that music has effect on the growth of the plants.

    In the modern world people know to find pleasures in various ways but they don't know how much are they going to pay for all those pleasures.

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    Just ignore everything that Christians. The majority are suffer from delusion, idiocy and have had an overdose on bullsh*t.

    Personally, I hate rock/metal music full stop. I like anything from Eminem to DJ Tiesto to...yes, I'm not afraid to admit it, Adele. We all like different things though which is good really.

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    SOME but not all rock bands have satanic symbols in their album art and messages in their songs.

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