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they physical body is ascendant right?

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    In a way, yes.

    The Ascendant is mostly defined as the physical appearance and overall first impression a person may have of you. Like, let's say... you're in biology class, at a lab table, working on your hypothesis, waiting for your partner to arrive. He comes right on time, walks into your biology classroom to work on the lab with you. You look up at your partner, and his facial expression comes across as a strong, stern frown in a way. He basically looks a little bit pissed off about something. Then as he gets to your table, he looks up at you and may eye you suspiciously or strikingly analytically, as if he's observing you or checking you out. You may be stricken by his red hot, fiery, intense eyes.

    This may be a prime example of an individual with Scorpio Rising. Of course, there's a lot more things that go into this....especially for such an Ascendant, lol. :)

    But, this may better explain the idea of what the Ascendant represents and influences in your chart.

    Astrologers often call the ascendant the "mask" you wear to the outer world, who you are in the public's eye or basically the first impression you often give to others and how you strike them at first sight.

    Source(s): Hope this better explains it.... :) Cancer Ascendant Sun in Leo Scorpio Moon
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    I believe that the ascendant rules our personality, our personal appearance, and our first impression that we make upon others. However sometimes we can "predict" issues with our physical body if the ascendant has a hard stress aspect. Such as someone with poor eyesight or is prone to acne often has Mars square the Ascendant, as I do. So I did have some bad breakouts when young and still occasionally at the age of 55 get a pimple! Many people are plagued with breakouts through their adult lives too.

    Having acne does affect ones personal appearance along with poor eyesight as these conditions are "related" to Aries which is ruled by Mars which rules the 1st House.

    And sometimes when Jupiter squares the ascendant, there is a problem with weight gain or obesity. As Jupiter often implies an "abundance," in this case our weight. Which again affects our personal appearance. I guess what I am trying to say is that many things can affect our personal appearance, but don't hold the key to physical health as the 6th House does.

    So any planets in the 1st House will often manifest in ones personal appearance. And any planets in the 6th House will often manifest as physical ailments. That is the difference between our personal appearance (1st House) and our physical health (6th House). And any aspects to planets in the 1st and 6th House will often manifest poorly, while the easy aspects will probably manifest in a beneficial way.

    Now if you are concerned about the health of the physical body that would be located in Virgo's House or the 6th House, however you prefer. Often health problems are "shown" in the 6th House.

    Hope this is helpful to you. This is why astrology can get so darn confusing at times. We are the sum of many parts and astrology is one place where that saying couldn't be more true. Good luck and bless you and I wish you well.

    Source(s): Amethyst33 I have a blog for beginner astrology students that has more information about both aspects, houses, and planets too. Hope this will help you too. Again bless you.
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