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Rising Conflict Comic vs. Manga!!!?

I am an avid Comic book reader (preferably DC/Batman/Detective Comics) I enjoy the stories I read, the Art I see and am in love with most of the Characters. I know that some of the Comics I have read don't deliver great stories all the time... nothing is perfect. But I grew up reading comics. Not sure if comics are big with sales but one thing is certain it started in America in Early 1900's and since then have spawned much media. Since I am a Batman fan I will use him as an example. His Character was so popular that they made a live action series after Batman in the 1960's not the best show ever but the show was derived from a Comic. Then we enter late 80's and Tim Burton kindly shares his take on the Batman which ended up being #1 box office hit of that year 1989. Batman is a dark character and was in unwise to make "Batman forever" and "Batman and Robin" kid friendly, although when Christopher Nolan came along He has brought the Caped Crusader back to life and in 2008 his film adapted from a Comic was the biggest yet making it top grossing film of that year. Consider just how Big 2012 will be when "Rises" hit's theaters in July. But Enough about the Film I am here about the Comics My personal Fav. story of all is the Events leading up Batman R.I.P (if you do not know what I am talking about read Batman issues #655-#704 a lot to read I know but I guarantee you That Grant Morrison delivers a great story on the Character.) Then there's the Beloved Batman year one. And there are other unforgettable titles in 93' "Knightfall", "The Long Holloween", "That Dark knight Returns", "Batman and the Monster Men" "Batman Hush" "The Killing Joke"... and those are just some titles I can think of the top of my head but there is plentiful more!!! Now with that being Said... I am not so sure why younger Generations have neglected to their American Heritage Most I see around is Kids reading what is known as Mange or Japanese Comics, THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE COLOR!!! (my opinion I guess) but Manga seems to deliver compelling stories that despite the color Kids like to read them very much. I have heard of Bleach and have heard of Death Note also Nararuto if that's how it's spelled?!? (correct me if I didn't) Is that what has become of our youthful generation? Don't get me wrong kids that read these books most likely to be Honor students, actually let me re-phrase that sorry... Anyone that reads stories are most like to succeed in life lol whether it be Manga or Comics or anything else. Mange has a greater range in Genre's and I get that it has a broader Library. My very young Sister is 13 years old and she just simply loves Manga, I feel so sad that she is into that and am scared what will become of her if she keep reading that stuff. I have not been a good big brother because I already have a beautiful girlfriend that lives with me in my own home and every day I take care of her, we are waiting on a son in 5 month's we already have name for him "Dennie". but aside from personal life... since Manga is has a broader library I would say Manga is just a stepping stone to Hentai, Does Japanese culture think very little of woman? The frighting Drawings of Hentai are very shocking. Not sure what my Sister reads but I am going to speak to my Mom after this message and let her know to keep an eye on my sister. Growing up reading Batman, Spider-man, the Hulk, Flash, Superman and many other comics never have I seen an adult pornography comic in my local comic book store unless it was Hentai. None the less I believe Comics will be Superior than Manga Japanese Why... in my logic Comics have a grander History, They deliver astounding Box Office hits, and Video games. Plus any one you talk to will KNOW WHO SUPERMAN OR BATMAN IS! please do this as a favor for me go to your parents and ask your parents " Mom, Dad do you know who is... Goku, Sailor Moon, etc., etc., etc.") God I don't know myself many Manga characters... but you know what I mean use one of you fav. characters in your manga ant tell your parents and trust when I say this 80% will say no... I am just being realistic because some parents actually read what kids these days read as well. So there you have it COMICS are Superior than Manga and if you don't agree just do me a favor and look at the numbers... and continue to do so for the next 10 years. I apologize for the long post and appreciate you reading Good Day :D

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    Did you just REALLY have the need to rant about that?

    *shrugs* Well, whatever, I think manga and anime are better (though I'm American) just because they deliver better story plot and art. Do we innocent children LOOK like we're out to find porn? No! We watch the endless fighting of Naruto and Bleach instead! Or the mystery drama like Death Note. American artistry just can't portray as much as manga can. You get the emotions better. The faces tell you everything: even the SPEECH BUBBLES are fixed to fit the character's emotion in their voice. The panels aren't as simple as in a comic, either. Who gives crap if it's not colored? In my opinion, actually coloring it takes away the last strand of imagination you can have while reading something. Besides, you get a boatload more detail WITHOUT the color.

    Oh darn, now you've got ME ranting. Good job. :P

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    You seruisly have problems

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