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YWWE Smackdown pick winners and rate matches and show?

GM- Eric Bischoff

World Heavyweight Champion- Chris Jericho

United States Champion- Christian

Cruiserweight Champion- Justin Gabriel

Diva's Champion- Natalya

WWE Tag Team Champions- Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre

Shawn Michaels opens the show. He says he was left off the New Year's Revolution card, much like he was left off the TLC card. But thats ok. He doesn't mind. He is only a two time World Heavyweight Champion. He went 7 month undefeated in title defenses during his second run as WHC. Most of those matches were against Batista. The sad thing is, he wasn't eligable to face Chris Jericho at TLC. It would've been great though. Especially if the stipulation was a Ladder Match. If everyone remembers, HBK kind of made Ladder Matches. But all of that is ok. Do you know why it is ok? Because the Royal Rumble is a few weeks away and he plans on winning the rumble and go on to win the World Heavyweight Championship on the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania 2. Eddie Guerrero comes out. Eddie says he finds it funny that Shawn thinks he is going to win the Royal Rumble. He thinks it's funny because HBK won't win the rumble. Eddie will, essa. HBK kind of chuckles and says that is a really nice story, but Eddie only has held the WWE Tag Team Championships. Eddie says he held them twice. HBK says that is true but he held the WHC twice. For a combined total of 11 months. HBK tells Eddie that the WHC is just a dream for him. For HBK it was a reality. A reality, that will become a reality again. GM Eric Bischoff comes out and he say he really likes both HBK and Eddie's drive. In fact he likes it so much, he is going to reward them. Tonight Shawn will take on Eli Cottonwood and Eddie will take on The Great Khali. But that's not all. Next week will be a great Smackdown. Next week starts the beginning of a tri-branded Royal Rumble tournement. Each brand, Raw, Smackdown and ECW will hold a match. Any Match they see fit between some specially chosen participants in the Royal Rumble. The winner of each match will then face off in a triple threat match.to determine who will enter the Royal Rumble 1st last and the middle. This year's Royal Rumble will feature 42 men. Eddie asks Bischoff how this has anything to do with him and Michaels. Bischoff says the match that will happen next week on Smackdown, next week's main event will be Shawn Michaels v Eddie Guerrero to determine who will be representing Smackdown in the Triple Threat. And since Shawn likes Ladder Matches so much, that match between him and Eddie will be a Ladder Match.

1. Natalya v Melina

Post Match- Beth Phoenix walks down the stage and into the ring. Lita comes to the ring through the crowd. Natalya, Lita, Beth Phoenix and Melina all stare eachother down. Natalya, who has the Diva's Championship in hand, raises it for the other three to ss

2. Mr. Kennedy v JTG

3. Eddie Guerrero v The Great Khali

4. Shawn Michaels v Eli Cottonwood

5. Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre(c) v Chris Jericho & Batista v Generation Me v John Morrison & Christian v Jack Swagger & Tyson Kidd v Bryan Danielson & Kaval( WWE Tag Team Championship Gauntlet Match; Entry order(just for reference)- Jack Swagger & Tyson Kidd, Chris Jericho & Batista, Generation Me, Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre, Bryan Danielson & Kaval, John Morrison & Christian)

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    Opening Promo: Very good as usual. 10/10

    Match 1-These two can work, Natayla uses Sharpshooter to win. 9/10

    Post Match: Good stuff. 9/10

    Match 2-Bonified squash. Kennedy wins. 8/10

    Match 3-Khali steals one. 8/10

    Match 4-HBK wins. 8/10

    Match 5-Bryan Danielson/Kaval wins. 10/10

    Show Grades:

    Wrestling Value: 45/50 A

    Promo/Segment Value: 19/20 A+

    Wrestling Value: 64/70 A

    Show Wrap Up:

    Match of the Night: The Main Event

    Promo/Segment of the Night: Opening Promo

    Crap of the Night: Naaaddaaa

    Closing Comments:

    **SOLID SHOW! 'Nuff said.

  • Promo 1-7.5/10

    Match 1-winner Melina-9/10

    Post Match-9/10

    Match 2-winner Mr. Kennedy-7/10

    Match 3-winner Eddie Guerrero-7/10

    Match 4-winner Shawn Michaels-5/10

    Match 5-winners Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre-9/10

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    Promo 1(9/10)

    Match 1(winner Melina)(9/10)

    Post Match(9/10)

    Match 2(winner Mr. Kennedy)(7/10)

    Match 3(winner Eddie Guerrero)(7/10)

    Match 4(winner Shawn Michaels)(7/10)

    Match 5(winners Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre)(9/10)

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    1. Natalya 7/10

    2. Mr. Kennedy 7.1/10

    3. Eddie Guerrero 6.6/10

    4. Shawn Michaels 7.9/10

    5. Chris Jericho & Batista 8/10

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