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Why is Jackie Chan afraid of my hubby?

I think he is afraid of the Steven Segal style and my hubby would kick his butt. what do you think?

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    Jackie Chan is the best comedic martial arts actor of our time. I think he'd have to be nervous anyone would want to fight when they meet. I would be! Can you imagine having your husband become a celebrity and he fights, then every guy would want to fight him daily, wouldn't he eventually not wish to meet people?

    I think Jackie Chan would be a peace loving person and not want to fight to see who's strongest or best, but to protect him self from people who really want a UFC match.

    I once was the fight champ at school. I couldn't go to lunch without being challenged. I couldn't go to the bus without a challenge, or to study hall without a challenge. Hell I figured I should just lose so somebody else had to fight for once. I wasn't afraid of people as much as I really hated being challenged. If you fight you get hurt, then what?

    Maybe he could win against Jackie Chan, it's just sad he'd think to try instead of marvel at how the Chan brothers came up with brilliant stunts and comedy routines.

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