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  • 8 years ago
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    What the F-35 lacks in speed and overall performance, it makes up for with excellent radar and the most powerful ECM/Jamming equipment ever put into a fighter. It's ECM suite is so powerful that it can jam the F-22's radar which in itself is more advanced than any fighter currently in service and rivals that of some AWACs aircraft.

    The J-20 in it's current state isn't much to worry about, it's underpowered compared to the F-22, it's thrust to weight ratio is poor for a fighter, it's not nearly as stealthy as it needs to be and it's deployment has been pushed back until at least 2017, possibly even later. The problem is China is in uncharted territory here, they are having to do alot of the engineering and design work themselves, where usually they just steal/buy an already existing design (though the J-20 does borrow heavily from the Sukhoi T-50 ). The J-20 is starting to look like the J-8 fiasco where China took so long trying to develop a semi-indigenous plane, that it was hopelessly obsolete by the time it went into production.

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  • Nathan
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    8 years ago

    The F-35 is trounced by it's big brother the F-22. It's hard to say on the capability of the J-20 as so little is known about it. If it's stealth technology was derived from the F-117 shot down in Kosovo then it's already obsolete, just as the F-117 was back in 1999. So in terms of stealth it will be lagging behind it's western counterpart, performance wise it is yet to be determined as it is still reportedly undergoing trials. No-one knows it's true role either, some speculate that it's too large and heavy to be an airsuperiority fighter but does look as if it could be a stealthy long range attack fighter.

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