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Good names for a novel?

Hi, i am writing a novel and i'm the worst person to come with names, so i am really struggling:

ideas for the book:

it's set in the modern day and old english & america.

so i need about 4 old english boys names and 2 old english girls names.

for the american: I really want good american names 5 boys and 3 girls

along with other characters that would usually go into a novel

so i also want extra names there about 20 i want some mostly modern american names

and army names i want about 30 of them they can be english and american

so altogether it's about 60 characters, you don't have to do all of them but just put some names down & i'll try and figure out the rest


As i said it's partly about the army & history any good names for the novel or chapter names would be good; and any ideas you may have will also be put into account

Update 2:

Is i said it partly about the army, so when it comes to thinking of the 30 army names i would like them to be all male

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    Francis Jim Morton

    Herman Bert Sawyers

    Michael Martin Barker

    Howard Lee Todd

    Josephine Fannie Brindle

    Daisy Pearl Jenkins

    Carl Elmer Bryant

    Tom Jacob Massey

    Herbert Roy Darby

    Sam Alfred Mendoza

    Willie Frederick Spencer

    Maggie Edna Focareto

    Lucy Lena Mayes

    Frances Eva Roberton

    Angel Stephanie Oakley

    Leah Lorena Hazelwood

    Kaleb Yamil Mitchell

    Ivan Josue Simcox

    Laura Angel Alexander

    Nicole Nathalia Hernandez

    Leonardo Kelvin Mundy

    Jade Janiel Sizemore

    Elena Dariana Boles

    Briana Abigail Holt

    Daniella Bianca Ochoa

    Alanna Nayeli Smith

    Ken Joniel Burnell

    Natalie Sarah Lachino

    Anna Aleysha Reynolds

    Joshua Eduardo Smith

    Erick Yaniel Easter

    Axel Issac Lira

    Zoe Lara Richardson

    Grace Dariel Sias

    Alia Alexia Sutphin

    Rafael Marcos Eleva

    Javier Jomar Jones

    Kariel Joel Southern

    Jadiel Julian Harrold

    Jeriel Yahir Lowe

    Isabel Emma Spencer

    Dariel Edwin Cavanaugh

    Aria Mikaela Hawks

    Kimberly Ginna Mabe

    Amaya Mya Thomas

    Layla Karel Cockerham

    William Anthony Herret

    Gabriella Paula McBride

    Angelique Melanie Thompson

    Carolina Karina Cockerham

    Jonathan Alexander Hodges

    Ricardo Yariel Nichols

    Jeremy Hector Wright

    Alex Yeriel Easter

    Kam Yariel Hooks

    Jorge John Roberts

    Karla Kiara Hawks

    Emily Angelica Brintle

    Brianna Arianna Cortes

    Amai Naye Lawson

    Justin Jan Winters

    Maria Alexandra Riley

    Mariana Alan Edwards

    Ryan Miguel Lowe

    God, that was work.

  • the girls' names (bethany and rebbeka or persyphone or frida, lara, miranda, elena,helen)

    the boys' nams (joshua, evan, alan, edgar, paul, frank, austin,douglas, heath)

    hpe those will help.. best of luck :D

    I just came up with som new old names for dudes (abigail. jonathan. gabriel, johan, ivan, derrick, hans, bethel, william, leonard, lewis joffery, clayton, )

    girls (jane, janette, scarlette, jolie, ann, sarah,arya, sansa, selena, sophie,ctylin)

    I wish to see a piece of what you wrote.. I bet it is somehting really great :D

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