What is the latest price of 500kW Grid tie Inverter?

I want to use 500kW Grid tie Inverter for emergency power supply to the system from 12V or 48V DC battery bank.The output is of 230V AC from the Inverter to use in office as emergency power supply. So i would like to know the price, efficiency and advantages of the inverter on Grid tie system as emergency power supply when grid fails?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Unlike the first answer, since you say office and grid tie, I will assume you really mean Grid tie, but you need to do more research because your statement of 12 volt or 48 volt battery bank simply won't work and you need get professional estimates.

    A 500kW inverter delivering to 230VAC would deliver about 2175 amps but would require the 12v bank to deliver more than 41,700 amp. Your installation is going to have to have battery banks of about the same voltage as your input and output or 240 volt DC which also means charging and con version is easier.

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  • Jon D
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    8 years ago

    A 500 kW inverter is 500000 watts. ... I think you want a 1KW to 5KW inverter so that you can run a home office ... correct? These are called UPS or uninteruptable power supply and they are not very expensive, under $500 with small batteries for 1500 watts

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