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Can I have sex without condoms?

I wanted to know whether I can have sex without a condom, because I being 17 my gf gets scared when I ask her for sex. I have tried other alternatives, such as not letting the sperms enter her vagina aftr intercourse, but It is very difficult to resist the climax temptation. I would like suggestions friend Please!

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    You do know that condoms are 100% INEFFECTIVE with females who want to get pregnant? Further, if you are a teen, 20% of teen girls are wanting to be teen mothers, and 45% of teen pregnancies are planned by the girls.



    For 22 years, I have volunteered my time working with divorced/single fathers dealing in family law issues, such as child support, teaching them about what the states are not telling support obligors.


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    I agree with the other responders. Its not 100% that you won't get pregnant, oral contraceptives are 99% effective. But there is still that 1 %. It would be best to continue the pill and condoms to ensure your best chances of avoiding pregnancy. WIthout a condom you are potentially exposing yourself to STD or STIs, including HIV that can lead to AIDS. Try a latex free condom, they may be a bit more expensive but less expensive than a child or a lifetime treatment of herpes. Good luck with your decision!

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    If you don't want your girlfriend to get pregnant, you should definitely use a condom or other type of birth control. You could use spermicide or she can get on the pill, but really you should be having safer sex. Also, a girl can get pregnant on the pre-ejaculate, too, so whether you let the full load out inside of her or not, she could still get pregnant. I know it probably feels better without the condom, but I think that if there is less risk of pregnancy, then it's worth it to use it. Condoms also stop the spread of STIs, though I'm not saying that either of you have one.

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    Yeah me and my bf had sex once and he stuck it in me without a condom and I never got pregnant and didn t have my period. I would say you are fine. Tell ur gf that there is nothing to be afraid of. Im 19. I dont give a crap what ppl think about me having sex without a condom. Dont judge me either. Ppl can have sex whenever they please unless you talk with your gf/bf. That is my thought of this question. PS: **** tastes awesome!

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    You can still get a girl pregnant even if you pull out bro. there is small amounts of semen that leak out during intercourse and although not as is VERY possible. Wear a condom or just don't put it in her bro. Chose one or the other....A slightly uncomfortable condom or a screaming baby.

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    Oh my goodness gracious! Are you joking? Stop trying to have sex with a 17 year old. You're not married to her are you? Then stop! If you were to have sex, of course you need, always use good quality condoms. Don't you know about pregnancy, or STD's, or AIDS? Yea, And it is very degrading for both of you.

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    No - You can infect you GF - Hwy do u like to do this she is ur Gf and just let her to be your Wife then u can have un-protected sex with out condom , But don't force her to have sex becoz she is only 17 hey she is a liitle girl man just think before you do things - You Love her then u must be true to your love


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    U should wear condom. Y put ur gf in a scary situation for ur plesure? It'll protect both u and her.

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    If your (live) sperm gets in her v*****, she will get pregnant, period. unless you get lucky with her menstrual cycle and she has her period. (and thus the baby does not develop because what would become the baby has exited via her period) Though I wouldn't try this because:

    1. too risky

    2. sperm can survive in her v***** for 5 days if I remember correctly, so even if the first egg leaves via her period, the next egg may get fertilized

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    You must wear condom for safe sex

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