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Why is America split on universal health care?

countries with universal health care have lower infant morality, higher life expectancy and they spend much less per capita on health care costs than America. so can someone please tell me the reason for the opposition

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    Arrogance and stupidity.

    Arrogance because they believe that the US has the best health care in the world and can't be improved upon. Which is just rubbish.

    Stupidity because too many Americans believe the BS fed to them by the government an health insurance companies about how bad Universal health care is.

    People who say socialism...well it is evident they haven't really thought this through.

    When an husband/dad works and pays for health insurance for his family (wife and 2 children, none work), then the entire family is covered. The insurance company collects the money, it then goes into a BIG pot. As individuals need services bits and pieces of the money from the big pot is paid out for the services. Covering everyone, those who actually work, and their family members who do not.

    Universal health care works in the same way, except without the middle man of the insurance company there to take an 80% profit. Therefore Universal health care is actually cheaper to run. The quality isn't any worse. Why would it be? Those who spout negatives about Universal health care have never lived in a country where Universal health care was the norm. I have lived in both systems. I much prefer Universal health care. Everyone is covered, for less. Same quality health care as the US has. Never have to worry about co pays, deductibles or premiums. I just go to the doctor an worry about getting well, not about how am I going to pay for this visit.

    Oh an the taxes argument doesn't hold water either. Although we do pay National Insurance contributions here in the UK...they are a L O T less than the average American pays for insurance premiums. Not counting co pays and deductibles. Not to mention no one in the UK goes bankrupt from medical bills. In the US 3/4 of all bankruptcies are due to medical bills, and 50% of those had medical insurance.

    But hey, what do I know other than real life experience and the ability to think for myself.

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    Answering this is like trying to explain free markets and the opposition to socialism that the US feels. And really cant be done in a single short answer. The problems within the US whether irt economic or political are numerous and healthcare is only one of those issues. The US is going through some changes, big changes. All we can hope for is that is does not end up in total war and the people can sort things out. Because the people is all the US has left for what was supposed to be the “perfect union”.

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    Well it simply doesn't work for the U.S. it didn't before when Hilary Clinton brought up how things should change when her husband was president then Obama tried but failed because I think he was going about funding it wrong the problem is that countries with universal health care pay taxes high taxes which America doesn't really do necessarily but it's at a pont where people don't see the U.S with it but others do its hard for people to see any results since no one had done it right

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    It goes to the idea of the american dream, and the foundings on this country of individuals leaving brutal governments and coming this country to set up their communities to do as they please within reasonable guidelines of the law. If you have a government forcing you to be apart of a program at the threat of fining you, then the american dream is no longer a reality. Individuals in communities and for instance that believe that god is the ultimate power and that it is his will if you live or not and decline medical assistance, will be forced into that program and their way of life will be trampled on by unreasonable expectations under the law. Universal health care is just so unamerican in so many ways that I cannot describe in a paragraph.

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    countries with UHC don't count all live births as live births to artificially keep their numbers down.

    when you account for birth weight the US has one of the lowest IMR on the planet.

    The World Health Organization (WHO) defines a live birth as any born human being who demonstrates independent signs of life, including breathing, voluntary muscle movement, or heartbeat. Many countries, however, including certain European states and Japan, only count as live births cases where an infant breathes at birth, which makes their reported IMR numbers somewhat lower and raises their rates of perinatal mortality.[5]

    France, the Czech Republic, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Poland do not report all live births of babies under 500 g and/or 22 weeks of gestation

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    because most of the people for it want more health care than they are willing to pay for and most of the people against it don't want to pay for someone else's health care

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    Because with universal healthcare it's not good healthcare but everyone has it. In America it's simple you get what you pay for.

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    They also have higher cancer death rates too because it takes too long to get treatment. Also higher life expeancy probably dosen't count in are high obesity epidemic.

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    Because Americans now are of "Two Minds"- about MOST Things... And it's the Dumb "Side"- that doesn't want ANYthing- to Change... :(

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