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Marisa and Alice (Touhou):?

Well question is basic:

When did Alice start liking Marisa or whatever. What happened to spark this whole thing. Also, are they currently together or something? I just really want to know the story of the two.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Actually Alice isn't in a relationship (as in loving) with Marisa in Canon and she isn't as love-struck or Tsundere or Yandere as people think she is, that's what Fanon has conjured up.

    Canon Alice actually argues with Marisa a lot in the games but they do share a common interests and are acquaintances

    The Alice Marisa relationship was created by Fans due to them being Partners in Imperishable Night and strengthened in Subterranean Animism also they do interact with each other in IaMP and SWR but not lovingly.

    They are neighbours in the Forest of Magic but they don't live together

    Also their first meeting was in Mystic Square(Touhou 5 PC-98 Era) though Alice was still a Kid and it is assumed it is the same Alice although she did grow up a lot in between MS and PCB and people assume it is the same Marisa.

  • blidge
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    4 years ago

    Marisa X Alice

  • 9 years ago

    Alice has a SUPER hardcore crush on Marissa mostly for fanservice Yuri. Usually, Alice is the chaser where as Marissa is totally oblivious to Alice's feelings. It's just a little fan service. No story behind it, really.

    Source(s): Years of Touhou loving.
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