What to wear on a hike tommorow during school?

Tommorow im going on a hike with my 4th period class for photagraphy. We are going to go on a hike since the woods are right next to my school to take pics of natre and idk i what to wear... I was thinking of wearing true religion jeans uggs and a blue v neck tee until i found out were goin on a hike. What should i wear while still looking cute because this guy i really like is in that class and i dont want to look bad in front of him. Also the trail were going on is going to be muddy and the uggs i was going to weare were brand new sand color ones... so please tell me what to wear tommorow and hair plz<3

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  • 8 years ago
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    You can wear a white (or cream color) tank top/cami underneath with the shirt buttoned up halfway like under your bust, then you can see a little bit of the white but it's still buttoned up, which looks super cute :) A nice lace trim at the neckline of the cami will look really pretty, but it's okay if you only have plain ones :D Btw leave the sleeves down and tuck the cami into your jeans

    Another way you can were your plaid shirt is to unbutton it all the way and wear a cute skinny belt (brown or tan) around your lower waist (a little under your belly button), wear a slightly longer cami/tank for this. Cuff the sleeves so it's 1-2 inches past your elbow. Your shirt should hang loosely so you'll look really casual, but the belt will spice up the look and make your outfit look edgier :)

    Try out those two ways and see which one you like better :D

    I hope this helped and tell me which outfit you're going to where :) Btw I love plaid! <3

  • 3 years ago

    ok nicely i could desire to be responsive to your sort and that i could desire to surely assist you yet different sensible you need to positioned on skinny denims, with knee intense socks, a lovable shirt, a headscarf, and to precise that out greater healthful off positioned on sock sort issues on your palms! you will look so pretty! And in case you do not have that positioned on sweat pants, with shorts below them and have the shorts teach and positioned on a lovable shirt and a bracelet, necklace, hoops jewelry cute! And in case you do not have that positioned on denims and a new child doll precise! desire i helped!!!!

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