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Should Jerusalem become the Israeli or the Palestinian Capital?

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    "Jerusalem" is mentioned in the several thousand year old Bible more than 800 times and not even once in the Koran. It is the indivisible and eternal capital of Israel. It is also going to be the cause of global conflict.

    Jerusalem cannot be divided in the same way a woman cannot be shared by two men. Even in an atmosphere as adulterous and perverted as the one developing today so-called "love triangles" produce jealousy leading to extreme violence.

    Jerusalem will be divided and when that happens the buildup toward the battle of Armageddon will really begin.

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    Jerusalem the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world should be a international city in accordance with the UN Resolution 181 of 1947

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    Why not make it a neutral area ? Both claim to have religious buildings there, just make it a neutral spot.....both sides pass laws saying no killing or fighting in this Holy area !

    Problem solved !

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