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My tattoo looks milky! HELPP?

I got my first tattoo exactly a week ago from today, a fairly large piece on my thigh. Its a RED cardinal on some branches and stuff. But today it finally finished peeling (I did NOT pick at it, just kept washing it like normal) But now that its finished peeling it looks a bit milky and faded. Is this just another stage? People keep saying it will stop looking milky once the skin grows back over it. Is this true?

I did follow the correct after care. (Sleeping with saran wrap first three nights, wash with antibacterial soap twice morning and night, also when it got a little dirty, and rub a thin layer of aquaphor 3 times daily)

I really just want to know for sure, so I can stop worrying about it. I know everyone gets concerned over their first tattoo.

Some explanations would be GREATLY appreciated!

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    All of mine have gone through a 'milky' stage. It was just another layer, a second peel which flaked off in a few days. After it flaked off the milky appearance was gone.

    It's most likely nothing to worry about as I suspect it's just the 'second peel'

    Give it another week or two and then if there are areas that need touching up (sometimes there is, it's quite normal) just go back to your artist and have them re-touch it for you, most shops offer touch ups for free.

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    Sometimes tattoos do odd things while they heal give it two more weeks to start healing fully and if it doesnt improve at all go back to the place you had it done and show them, they may be able to explain or most places will give a free touch up for new tattoos

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    I dont know who told you to put saran wrap over it for three nights, but you should go slap the crap out of that person. That creates a bacterial breeding ground. Your tattoo needs to breath to heal properly. Go see the tattoo artist about it...hopefully its not the same person that told you to put saran wrap on it.

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    first off... stop cleaning it so often and layering products on it and keeping it wrapped up.. it needs to breathe. you dont need to layer different stuff on it. it will do the healing process without help. the best thing to do is just to keep it moisturized.. LIGHTLY. its also not done healing and if you have concerns in the next 2 weeks go see your artist he or she can tell you whats going on if it still looks funny.

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    Yes its normal. just keep applying A&D to it till its completely healed. i have 15 tattoo's and all of them looked like that.

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