what if celebrities wore clothes?

Red carpet attire. Grammy, academy awards, etc. What would happen if they wore cheap clothes, like from walmart, target, goodies, etc. Not all of them, but let's say Taylor swift who looks elegant came in a dress from walmart, and Hugh jackman wore a suit from walmart. Like a dozen celebrities wore cheap crap. Would the tabloids say they look fabulous but then change their minds once they find out it's not gucci?


@ red toei. I mean just like an experiment. Get X celebrities to wear cheap **** for the hell of it and see what the tabloids and media says. Kim rocking in her fabulous dress that they think is designer, but is really $40 from target.

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    No man would look good in a WalMart suit. 120 count merino wool or cashmere will always look way better than whatever cheap fabric they would use. It drapes very noticeably better and holds dye better. Does WalMart even sell suits????

    Anyway, if they thought they would look good in something like they would wear it, because WalMart or Target or whoever would pay them ALOT of money to wear it. They can wear anything they want - there's a reason they wear the designer stuff. Because it looks better.

    EDIT: I understood your question. My point is, for men, a cheap suit will look like a cheap suit and everyone would see it. But I agree, for women, especially women with a great body, they might get away with it... but I doubt it. If you've gone with a woman shopping for a "special event" dress, they would never like anything they find anything they like at WalMart or Target. Its not like a girl sees a beauiful dress at Target that they really want to wear and says "I can't wear that, cuz is from Target."

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    They would find it impressive. Some Kardashian rock an H&M dress on the red carpet and the tabloids loved it.

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    Style blogs are constantly showing celebrities who wear pieces from H&M, or from their own collections from Sears, Wal-Mart, etc. They do this all the time and I haven't seen the tabloids turn on them. Now a suit from Wal-Mart...yeah i don't know about that.

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