Have G.E.D., would be transferring from a community college.?

I am a white, 18 year old male. I have my G.E.D. and now currently at a community college with a B (3.0 I think) average. If I get my G.P.A. to 4.0, am a member of the Varsity basketball team along with the Student Senate, and have outstanding reccommendations, what would be chances for acceptance into a military college after I receive my Associate's degree?

I'm looking into Virginia Military Institute or West Point. I do not care if I have to start as a freshman.

My plan is to get my Bachelor's degree in Political Science (concentration in International Affairs if possible), then go career military in the Army. Infantry officer, preferrably.

Getting into a state school in my area is no problem, but I would ideally like to get into a military academy due to the discipline, and preparation for going into the service that I couldn't really get at a public non-military school.

It's good to dream, but I just want a serious answer due to me as a G.E.D. recipient, and a community college transfer. Any details or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Yeah V.M.I. was one I was looking into. Thanks for the details "CoachT". Definitely will look into those other schools.

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    Take a stats or algebra course so that you understand why you can never have a 4.0 GPA once you get any grade lower than an A. It's simply not mathematically possible.

    Let's say you have completed 1/4 of your associates degree (1 semester of 15 hours) with a 3.0 GPA. Then let's say that you earn an A on every single class you take from now on.

    ((3.0 * 15) + (4.0 * 45)) / 60 = GPA

    (45 + 180) / 60 = GPA

    225 / 60 = GPA

    3.75 = GPA

    Using those numbers (you can do this using your real numbers) then the best you can do is a 3.75.

    But, unless you woke up this morning smarter than you were yesterday or something changed in your world to make college easier - we shouldn't be expecting that your existing GPA will change very much. In other words, you're a B student at this community college.

    West Point is probably an extreme stretch. It's possible - just not very likely. One of the six senior military colleges is probably a more realistic shot for you. Consider:


    North Georgia College and State U


    Texas A&M

    The Citadel

    Va Tech

    Also consider any state U with a decent ROTC program as a good possibility. Some of these aren't all that difficult to get into at all though most won't meet your desire for the military discipline experience.

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