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How can United rebuild their squad?

Going out of the CL so early will cause a hit on their income for this year, and they have already been priced out of deals by City and Madrid among others in the last few years. The only players in the United squad with any sell-on value are Nani and Rooney and they cant sell them, so selling to buy is not an option for United and those 2 are the ONLY players they have that could bring in huge transfer fees.

So with United being priced out of many deals for the best upcoming players, unable to sell-to-buy and Fergie seemingly disinterested in the youth system nowadays, how will United rebuild what is clearly a substandard squad?


Angry Indian - Theyre not gonna march to glory on the back of a great reserve team. Go back to cricket.

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    United get money at their disposal EVERY season. People always say that them being in debt means they have no money, but go back over the last few years.. there have been key players brought into the squad every season.

    Nani and Rooney do have great sell on value. But guys like Vidic, Valencia and Evra could bring a decent amount to United. Even though none of those players mentioned should be sold on anytime soon.

    The rebuilding period will obviously take a few years.

    In my opinion the KEY areas they need to invest in is the midfield with a creative and defencive midfielder needed to be brought in. A creative midfielder is needed for depth and guys like Eriksen have been looked into while Gaitan is believed to be very close to a 30mil deal for next season. Defencive midfield is an area which has been needed refreshment for a long time now. I would love to Javi Garcia or Kwadwo Asamoah come in. But guys like Tiote or Javi Martinez would be great as well.

    After that they probably just need a couple of signings to improve depth. Notably in defence with Rio's career coming to a close soon. So a reliable defender would be a good move, someone like Benatia or Sakho would be class. A striker to take Berba's role is essential when he leaves too, someone like a number 9 who is used to a fast paced game. My hopes are on Ricky Van Wolfswinkle.

    After these signing are made along with the development of the younger player at United like Jones, Smalling, the Da Silva's, Cleverly, Pogba, Morrison, Welbeck and De Gea.. then I think United will be looking more "rebuilt". This would take at least 2-3 years though..

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    They need to go out and buy two young quality midfielders then they'll be fine now and in the future. But they have to be real quality and that's going to cost a lot of money. Something along the lines of Gotze & Lucas Moura, Eriksen and Moutinho, Hazard and Khedira, etc etc

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    I think they just need to buy a midfielder. Maybe a young defenseman because injuries are a bad problem at the moment.

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    I think they should sell Nani..and buy David Silva or Wesley Sneijder who area more class players and are more experience than him....

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    They're on the decline...I've said this many times, after their 6-1 defeat to City, unable to beat minnows Basel and Benfica eventually crashing out of the CL. But I've been laughed off and abused by sour grapes Man U fans and I've been proven right. After City win the league, their fan base will drop down in numbers and they rely on fan bases around the world for their income and losing them will down their income. No CL money and no prize money.

    They won't be able to spend in the transfer window as they have no money because of the debt. They will be stuck with crap players and will see their sinking ship sink even further down.

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    United have money in abundance

    They made a £30m profit last year and have large reserves


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    they just need a few midfielders

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    It's possible HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

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