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A few questions regarding Terraria?

Hi people. I've got a couple of questions regarding Terraria.

The first is how the whole players and worlds system works. From what I understand so far, Any player can access any world, and they can transfer both their items and 'statistics' (if that's the right word to use) between worlds.

First question, is if you delete a player file, does that cascade and delete any worlds created by that player?

The second question is in regards to the world change after defeating the Wall of Flesh. I defeated him and of course, the game immediately switches to hard mode. I make my way back up to my house and the Corruption had pretty much engulfed my castle house and my NPC's were quickly killed by World Feeders, Dark Mummies and Wraiths. :-(

My question is is there a set location in the world where the Corruption and Hallow generate or is a random? I'd built my castle just a little bit east of the center of the map.

The final question (and this will probably cause a few groans) is in regards to Minecraft vs. Terraria. I'm not trying to start a fanboy war or anything but I'm just interested into which game you think is better out of the two.

I'd been playing Minecraft since it was in Alpha and since buying Terraria a few days ago, I haven't been able to stop playing it, but considering the fact I'd pretty much done everything including a legitimate kill of the Enderdragon after a ridiculous amount of deaths.

I mean they both have their pros and cons but I'm just looking for an opinion here on which game is worth playing.

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    Question 1: Your players and worlds stand alone, basically. Any interactions you make in a world (whether it be mining, putting items in a chest, building, etc.) remain constant in that world, even if you delete the players you used in it. Your worlds will stay the same no matter what players you delete.

    Question 2: This one is a little bit up in the air. The Developer blogs on Terraria Online state that once the Wall of Flesh is defeated, The Hallowed and Corruption biomes simply spawn in your world. They weren't specific unfortunately. My best guess would be that they spawn in random locations on the map, and that you had some very unfortunate luck for one of them to spawn on your home. :(

    (Also, don't worry about the NPC's too much. They will always respawn as long as you mantain the conditions that spawned them in the first place. For example, Demolitionist will return as long as you still have a bomb, grenade, dynamite, or some sort of explosive on you. Nurse will spawn as long as you have more than 100 health, etc.)

    Question 3: I think this is a great question. Both games are still in development of course, but once I bought Terraria a few months ago, I literally stopped playing Minecraft. Both games are certainly worth playing. In my opinion, I think Terraria is now the better game. But I would love to compare these two once they're 'fully released'. The developers of Terraria are wanting to add A LOT more content, and the full game probably won't be released until early to mid 2012. I know the same goes for Minecraft too. Both games are fantastic, and lean towards different play-styles. But my vote goes for Terraria as of now!

    Source(s): I've played both Terraria and Minecraft. A lot.... :P - Developer blogs
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