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Here is a crazy idea....for Bears OC-fans tell me your thoughts.?

Assuming KC would let us talk to him....what would Bears Fans think of Jim Zorn?

It's the right offense for Cutler...and while the guy was a failure as a HC

He has had his hand in the development of some good QB's

What do you guys think?

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    I see where you're going with developing QB's but that's all he has to show on his resume. He was a disaster of a HC in Washington so I have no reason to believe he would be any better as an OC in Chicago. I'm not saying Tice is the best choice, but I'd rather have him over Zorn. At least Tice has proven to run successful offensive schemes.

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    I like Zorn, I don't think he would take the position though. He would fit in with the Bears philosophy of former head coaches as assistants. I have a feeling it will be Mike Tice. I also think Brad Childress would be a good fit.

  • 9 years ago

    How about you take me? I can ruin another QB career!

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