Help with essential tremor? Vitamin Supplements?

have a hard time eating with silverware, never eat soup in public and im now not even drinking in public. not a big fan of pharmaceutical drugs, they never worked. tried skullcap, sorta worked but also made me stupor. so would taking magnesium, calcium, and vitamin c help with my shaking in my hands or what should i take to help me because this is really starting to aggravate my life. also how much is enough? 170 lbs male 23 HEELP! : l

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  • 9 years ago
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    You are right. Chemical drugs would never help you.

    Actually, the tremor you experience is an early sign of nerve problems. They are basically lifestyle disease as you may be aware. However, these may be cured/helped with supplements.

    Try out Vit C and Vit E. They are excellent antioxidants, and would help your nervous system. If you go for good ones, you will see the difference within months!

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  • Google: Dangers of Synthetic Vitamins/Supplements.

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