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Did you know The liver is the only internal human organ that can regenerate itself!?

As little as 25% of the liver can regenerate into a whole liver again. It was once seen as a mythological and mysterious ability that the liver had. Now, there is hard science that explains how it happens.

Technically, it is not regeneration, but a compensatory growth. The liver doesn’t grow back to original form, but instead it restores original functionality of the liver. A major factor in the process is hepatocytes that go through the full process of mitosis.

An old Greek myth has scientists wondering if the Greeks knew about the marvelous regeneration the liver is capable of. Titan Prometheus was chained to a rock in the Caucasus where his liver was eaten by an eagle each day. Each night, though, his liver would grow back. It is a wonder how they would know that the liver was able to regenerate, though.



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    cool, i didn't know that, i learned something today. lol.

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    A person who want to be a living donor can give up to 60% of

    their organ and the liver will regenerate new cells in the

    recipients part and also the donor part until they become

    a whole organ again, only structured differently.

    However, most people do not understand, that if the

    liver regenerates new cells...why the need for


    In Cirrhosis of the liver, the liver cells die off and form

    scar tissue inside the liver. This scar tissue blocks

    the flow of blood to the functioning liver cells and also

    to any regenerated new cells...therefore, they continue

    to die off. The new generated cells bunch up against

    this scar tissue and is actually what gives a Cirrhosed

    liver it knobby, lumpy appearance. Cirrhosis is an

    irreversible, progressive disease.

    Just to add this info for those who do not understand

    why the disease of Cirrhosis continues to Complete liver

    failure. The liver cells are what does all the functions

    that the liver does as a whole, to keep the body

    functioning well (over 500 plus) of them.

    Source(s): caregiver to a liver transplant patient
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    Just keep drinking water to help the wonderful Liver

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    No didnt know that, but good stuff tho. Did you know that homosexuality in ancient greece was considered a way to transfer the mans power to younger men. The ancient greeks believed that when they reached their orgasm the reason they felt so tired n weak afterwards was because they gave the woman their power, so they began passing said power onto younger men. Weird, sick, but true to my knowledge.

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    Yes, I have known that since grade school, but it never really hit home until I needed a liver transplant myself.

    Source(s): liver transplant recipient and nurse
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    So why do some people need liver transplants?

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    That's a relief, because mine's about 75% shot.

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    I had no idea. I never thought that a human organ can regenerate!:P

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    it's also the only one that goes nicely with a good Chianti

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    I did not know, you see you learn something everyday.

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    Thank goodness for that then, I don't have to give up drinking afterall

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