How would you as President bring jobs and affordable health care back to America?

Will you bring jobs that went overseas back to America and as for health care take government out of the equation. Someone has a job of changing billing codes and diagnosis codes and insurance companies pick and choose what they will process and what they will not. It hurts the American people not just the doctors and hospitals. The doctors and hospital has to beg just to get paid. That is why office visits and hospital costs have risen. How are you going to accomplish this?

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  • Kini
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    9 years ago
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    No one can turn the clock back to the 70s for jobs. American business chooses to manufacture overseas for more profit except for union jobs or buy from Asian producers. You can be grateful for Ronald Reagan's administration for out-sourcing and closing down plants here.

    I dont know what you are talking about with changing billing codes for medical procedures. Our health care is in private sector. They have been denying claims and care for years.

    The Health Care Act attempts to maintain our private insurance system by getting more people insured. That is the purpose of the mandate that requires everyone to be insured and only then can premiums go down. Of course insurance premiums are regulated at the state level but no one challenges it.

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  • 9 years ago

    All candidates promise to bring jobs back but few can deliver on the promise. Only American companies can bring jobs back. They were the ones who moved jobs to other countries because the cost of labor was cheaper. Our government could help by allowing our companies to move back large quantities of funds currently invested off-shore in order to save taxes. Give them a one time break on the taxing of this money, but only if they use the money to invest in new factories, new technology, new equipment, and meet a goal of creating a certain number of new jobs. In the meantime, as labor becomes more expensive in places such as China, jobs will automatically be moved back once the foreign wage advantage begins to shrink.

    Affordable health care is another topic few if any candidates have a panacea for. Abuse and waste in the current system must be eliminated. Regardless of how small some politicians believe the abuse factor is, every effort should be made to eliminate the abuse and waste. The current year has shown record prosecutions for Medicare and medicaid fraud. Double the efforts and keep up the pressure. Take a serious look at raising the cost of part B for those with larger incomes. Paying approximately $100/month for part B is the bargain of a lifetime for many on Medicare. There are many senior citizens that can afford a greater contribution. Everyone should contribute some amount of money toward their health care, no matter how small that amount is. Those that contribute nothing have no concept of the cost and thus think nothing of going to emergency rooms and a doctor's office on a regular basis because it is free.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    that is easy. Eliminate every unconstitutional agency that exists, e.g. HUD,. EPA, FDA, IRS,ICC, etc. all of the employees would have to suddenly do something productive in an effort to survive. Health care would be provided by charitable hospitals just as it was 50 years ago.

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  • 4 years ago

    It unhappy this manner of question should be asked yet it is united states of america of america the place revenue are king and human beings are a miles off 2nd. enable's desire the Senate Republicans positioned away their relentless protection of company revenue and votes to grant all individuals the outstanding to well being care like quite a few different INDUSTRIALIZED united states of america on earth! yet do no longer carry your breath as long as Republicans are around. they are going to think of up a million clarification why human beings shouldn't come first and the wealthy firms who own them must be granted greater secure practices. Throw off your company yokes and make a contribution to Organizing for American and get well being care reform exceeded and positioned individuals first for as quickly as!

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  • Sharon
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    9 years ago

    By having Newt run as my Vice-President!

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  • By obeying the law.

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