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If you have a disability/service dog can you bring it to a job corp if your staying there?

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    Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, a Service Animal must be allowed to do their job, and accompany their person while they are acting in a service capacity. You will need to get your service credentials (if you don't have them already) and you will receive a certificate, and Service credentials, ID, and their Blue Service Vests. Just keep the vest on your Service Dog, and carry your ID. You cannot be denied access, nor discriminated against because of use of a legitimate service animal. A letter from your vet & your physician, are often sufficient to establish Service prior to getting your ID.

    Your service dog can accompany you anywhere you would otherwise be legally able to go- Your work, restaurants, airports, flights, grocery stores etc- Any Place you go while you require Service- Your Service Dog can Legally go as well. (Some places are more stringent on your means of Service Credentials- but cannot legally delve deep into your private medical details- You need only provide the explanation as to what specific Service is being provided, and your service animal must be properly Identified & harnessed. A service dog who has not passed their socialization training- can be asked to be removed if they act in an aggressive, destructive, or anti-social manner that posses a possible danger to the public or property. (There are people who kit dogs & unfortunately claim Service, & unfortunately these scenarios with improperly socialized or untrained animals- Have Made it alot harder for legitimate use in some environments.)

    Source(s): -medical service dog use (seizures)
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    if it is a service dog for a recognized disability then you can take it anywhere. You can search and find a government website on service animals and read about the law. I find people will challenge me with the animal so it is good if you have something to give them (I use business cards with the law basics and website on them). they seem happy that way. However, I have had some bad experiences. The worse was on Amtrak. Even when I had a private room and booked it with a "service animal" onboard, the staff on the train treated me horribly. They would not even tell me about stops to let my animal "go". They would not bring me food (even when the ads say you can dine in your car). Amtrak was terrible to disabled people and did not honor the law (at least the train staff).

    It will depend on who you run into but you can bring a law suite for $10,000 if they refuse you and you have proof of the disability and need for the animal.

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    would think so if certified


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