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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceHomework Help · 9 years ago

Help on railroads assignment in history?

We are supposed to be a fake character that travels from New York City to Seattle in some early time of the railroads (idk exactly what year)... but we have to list 4 historical facts about two cities en route... (of that time period: population, largest city in ___ area, home of ____, where they ____, etc.)

I don't know what the route is, it didn't say in the book, and I need to do the assignment tonight. I go to online school so I can't just ask in class....

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  • 9 years ago
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    Look at a USA map and you can choose a route that passes through some major cities. Without looking at a map, I know that Chicago Illinois and Denver Colorado lie between New York City and Seattle.


    #1 nicknamed The Windy City

    #2 largest city in Illinois and in the Midwest

    #3 home of President Barrack Obama

    #4 borders Lake Michigan


    #1 nicknamed the Mile High City because it's average elevation is exactly 5,280 feet

    #2 largest city in Colorado

    #3 founded during a gold rush when gold was discovered there in 1858

    #4 silver was discovered there about 20 years later that lead to a silver rush

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