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Agree or Disagree that Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara would have been great on the WrestleMania card? BQ:? ?

BQ: Do you think Rey will make his return at the Royal Rumble?

BQ2 In your opinion,who should be the W.H.C come WrestleMania?

BQ optional..............................

Do you want to see Jeff Hardy win the championship from Robert Roode?


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    Great question. I agree, with a future WWE hall of famer in Rey Mysterio Jr. and high flying Sin Cara would be a good match.

    BQ: Idk, It will make things interesting if his music hits.

    BQ2: I honestly want Bryan to have the title.

    BQ3: Oh yes. I like Roode. I like Jeff Hardy more. Great matches between the two.

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    It is still an optinion but Rey vs Christan would be better maybe when sin carra gains more expierience then maybe Sin Carra vs Rey at mania


    Hope so


    Daniel Bryan only so Wade Barret can destroy him at mania



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    BQ: Yes.. Hopefully. If not, probably sometime inbetween Royal Rumble, and WM

    BQ 2: Daniel Bryan should be reigning champion.

    BQ 3: Don't watch TNA...

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    Disagree. Nobody cares about or appreciates that Luchador stuff.

    BQ: Sure, why not.

    BQ2: CM Punk so Chris Jericho can beat him for the title at Wrestlemania.

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    I believe they(WWE) are still trying to get that for WM because they want to break the record for most masks worn at an event.

    BQ: IDK. I haven't really kept up with Rey so idk how his injury is going but if he's doing ok now then probably.

    BQ2: I've wanted to see Kane have a good title run for a long time so him.

    BQ3: I haven't watched TNA/Impact Wrestling in a while so idk. I've heard Jeff is looking and feeling better so if he's anything close to the way he was early 00's than Jeff.

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    It will be better if the loser had to take off his mask.

    BQ:it's a possibility

    BQ2:Wade Barrett or Sheamus

    Yea im a fan of jeff hardy.

  • Agree

    BQ: Dont know. I hope tho.

    BQ: Drew Mac or Wade Barrett

    BQ: Nope

  • It sure will but only if the WWE let's them do the moves that they want the Luchador style wrestling

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    It could have been if Sin Cara was healthy and not full of 1,000 botches

    BQ: Not sure, it'd be cool, but IDK his timeline for his return

    BQ2: Daniel Bryan

    BQ Optional: No

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    yes because it would show there skills in the ring and see who better man


    BQ2:big show

    BQ:no he already got his chance

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