So, Prometheus... think it's looking like it's going to be bad-@$$, or @$$-bad?

For those who don't know, Prometheus is the title of the Ridley Scott "prequel" to the movie Alien, though he apparently decided it should be about something other than simply running from the same alien species that's littered up six increasingly awful movies.

Anyway, you can check out the first trailer for it here:

Youtube thumbnail

What do you guys think about it, seeing that?

Think it's shaping up to be something you walk out of the theater saying "man, that was the $#!+", or something you'll walk out of the theater saying "man, that was just $#!+"?


Yeah, I was tempted to note that Mr. Scott said he was originally planning on it being a prequel to Alien but then got into writing the thing and came up with this much larger vision he wanted to do, but I didn't figure that would really wash with most people, what with all the LV-426 set pieces from Alien being in the trailer.

Update 2:

I get the feeling what that means is that it's a prequel without the alien in it. So same ship the Nostromo encountered. Same planet they found it on, but the events take place before the alien infestation of the ship (though I'm not quite sure what to make of that scene where the man screams as he clutches his helmet).

It'd be interesting if the beacon that originally drew the Nostromo to the planet turned out to be from the Prometheus, warning people to stay away for entirely unrelated reasons, and encountering the alien was nothing more than a coincidence.

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    Actually Ridley Scott has said many times that this is NOT a prequel to Alien. - I do like how it is looking though , I am definitely interested.


    I know what you mean. Yes , it does look like it could come right of Alien. I just don't want to go into the movie and be like "wtf was that ... there was no continuity" meanwhile Ridley said it wasn't apart of Alien.If it does end up being a prequel and does have continuity I will be pleased but for now I just await a wicked Ridley Scott movie.

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