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Why Doesn't My Dad Knock?

So apparently my dad doesn't like when I lock doors, but im a teenager now,i'm going through puberty and developing so I think he should knock. He'll just waltz in without knocking, like i'm trying to get dressed. I think he has no manners or consideration. If I lock the door and if he tries to randomly open my door he'll bang and twist the knob and yell "open the door" like no im getting dressed leave me, I also think he should not know if I got my period, I told my mom and then she tells my dad, if I wanted him to know I would of told him, I don't think he should know that, its already embarrassing btw the period issue was 2 years ago. he will never be in the position to have to buy anything pertaining to that, so why should he know, he should just assume that and never ask questions lol but anyway why do you think he doesn't knock upon entering?


my dad isn't a child molester and i'm 100% sure of that, never in my life has my dad ever tried to touch me inappropriately i was implying that maybe he thinks im still a child and he oblivious that i'm growing up or maybe he doesn't want to accept i'm growing up. I am his last child and im the only one who is a minor.

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    He probably doesn't realise that as a woman you need your personal space and privacy now, he was a teenage boy once and they don't really need privacy, nor do they knock when entering other dudes rooms.. it's a guy thing. Maybe you can talk to your mum and tell her it's making you uncomfortable when he doesn't knock and walks in on you when you're trying to get dressed. He's just not used to having his little girl turning into a teen. Your mum should tell him to knock first in a way he can understand.

    My dad did the same! When I was 10ish he still just walked in to my room without asking or knocking so I told mum to tell him girls don't like that!

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    Just tell him that you want him to knock next time. He probably doesn't understand that as a girl whose going though puberty to need your personal space. It's just because he's a guy, and guys don't really knock when going into a another dude's room lol.

    As for the period thing, i don't really see the problem. I tell my dad when my period comes, as well as my mum. It's no big deal, that's what a dad's for. To listen to you. =)

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    Control Freak-

    People/parents tear you down to build themselves up- Think about this for awhile. Words are not said to help you at all. Its only a trick to make abusers/parents feel good. When people are sick they say mean things to feel better. This goes for people at school as well.

    Abusers use put downs, ignoring or hitting. You are tricked and thats why you feel bad. Abusers lie and have lies mixed with past truths other times. They have problems so its not your fault. Hurting people hurt others and were abused themselves. You are being abused.

    Divorce, father gone, abuse, ignoring can make children grow up with non existent so called "Mental Problems" or turn them into abusers. Abusive mean people often call you crazy or names of mental disorders to abuse you. The "Chemical Imbalance" claim is false. It has been thoroughly discredited by researchers. They "vote" to make it a disease.." Its total fraud" -- Dr. Fred Baughman Neurologist.

    It's okay to live away from abusers verbal or physical and cut them off. Dont speak to them. They will never change unless forced.

    Remember- Read 20 sites daily on Emotional Abuse- also Tell your teacher.

    God wants you to Forgive- which does not require talking to them- Call Child Protective Services transitional housing to age 21.

    State directory-


    Experience seeing the truth change lives. I have questions for you/talk for more help also.

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    Talk to him about it. Tell him your going through puberty and that you want some privacy while your getting dress.

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    He's a child molester. Sleep with your eyes open, sweedums.

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