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Pending ACH or check withdraw question?

I recently checked my balance and it was $650.00 less than it should be.

Called bank.

They said I have a pending check or ACH payment for $650.00, and I need to wait for it to clear before I can get any information.

Sunds fishy.

I know I didnt write and checks.... And I have never linked the bank account to anything...

Why cant I stop payment on a pending ACH or check withdrawl (I dont know which one it is)

Why do I have to wait for the fradulent bill to post?

And how come there is no information on a ppending transaciton?

Any info would be great.

Lucky, it didnt overdraft me. But what if it had? What a mess that owuld have been.

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    These ACH deals are very annoying for sure. The bank cannot tell you anything because the federal reserve e-banking system makes a note for the funds sometimes a day before the actually converted check arrives. In order to have a valid ACH you were "required" to sign something :). By any chance did you send a check for insurance or something they often convert them.

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