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Which do you prefer to ride: road or mountain bike?

Which do you prefer and have you ever taken the opposite bike out on trails/roads just for fun.

I Personal mountain bike, never been interested in road biking.

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    Doesn't this all come down to the old basic 'where & how' you will be riding philosophy? From your other questions & answers on Yahoo, I know you're going to pick an answer from someone who rides a mountain bike. So, what does it matter? I'll answer anyway.

    I used to have a mountain bike, but rarely took it off road. Got tired of having road cyclists blow past me looking like a putz on the street with a slow mountain bike. So I sold it & switched to an older road bike I rescued from being a rust bucket.

    Would I ever take it off road? Why? There's really no place I need to go that's off road. Again, it all boils down to that 'where & how' you will be riding philosophy.

  • John M
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    8 years ago

    I have 6 different bicycles so I have the best bike for what ever I want to do. My favorite is a hybrid with fenders and a rack for Rail Trails. I take along a trunk bag with cold drinks and sandwiches. For a good work out I jump on my road bike and ride down the road. The road runs through a valley so any road to the side is a hill climb. I climb to the top and ride back down and go to the next one.

  • SM
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    8 years ago

    Road. I live in central London - which is no place for mountain bikes. I have taken one of my road bikes on a light off-road trail before whilst on a long ride with a friend, we got lost and the road asphalt just suddenly ended (common in rural Europe) and I was cycling on mud with 700x23 race tyres (wasn't that much fun if I'm honest).

    All 4 seasons, I ride road bikes. Snow, rain, ice, etc... I'll be out there.

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    I prefer mountain bikes.

    There's just something deep within my psyche that loves things that are rugged and versatile. I gave road bikes an honest try for about 2 years, but I could never get used to the riding position, the skinny tires, the harsh ride, and the frequent flats. Cycling should be fun, but I just wasn't having any fun on a road bike.

    My hat is off to all you roadies ~ especially to those of you who are strong cyclists, but my heart and my joy is off road on an mtb.

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    A big thumbs up to both Jib Jab & Mtrlpqbiker. It's all based on "where & how" you will be riding. The toughest trail I've been on is the Katy Trail that starts in St. Charles, MO. & heads west. It's made from crushed limestone. Why do I need a mountain bike?

    Three bikes in the stable. A 2009 Diamondback Insight RS for short commutes - 2nd link. A 2009 Schwinn Fastback for pure work outs - 3rd link. And my "go to" bicycle that will handle just about anything from a trip to the grocery store to riding cross country, a 2011 Raleigh Sojourn - 4th link. If I had to choose just one, it would be the Raleigh.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    A little of both. Road bikes for distance and speed. A mountain bike on rough trails and in snow. I can spend hours on a road bike just roaming around.

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    I do both regularly and I enjoy the intense aerobic workout I get from road cycling and the endorphin hit that it brings but I also enjoy using my mountain bike for doing cross country - I don't find it quite as physically demanding as a long distance road cycle but I like mountain biking at a leisurely pace and enjoying being out in the countryside.

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    I have both road and mountain bikes. I prefer riding on the roads but do also enjoy riding on the Rails to Trails unpaved paths. I don't go for the really technical off-road rides because I'm over 60 and don't heal as fast as I used to. ;)

    In the end, it doesn't matter to me because it's all about getting on the bike, getting into your rhythm, and enjoying what you see as you ride. I like seeing the hills, farms, and waterfronts on the road bike. I also like the rivers, beaver ponds, and waterfalls I see on the mountain bike. You don't have to pick one or the other. Do them both.


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    In summer when it is warm, I ride exclusively on the road. I have no interest in riding in the hot, muggy, buggy woods. When the weather cools, I go out in the woods riding with my friends, although I still ride on the road if the temperature is above freezing. In winter, we ride in the snow in the woods. If I had to choose one bike it would be my touring bike which is a competent road bike and also has enough room for tires big enough to ride off road

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    It depends if you want to get excersise or just have fun. If you want to have fun, mountain biking, although it's fun to go road biking with friends, but if you want to lose weight or to simply just get in shape, i would suggest road biking

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