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Give me a name that means "light" and one that means "dark"?

They must be boys :) thanks

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    Abner (Father of light)

    Barak (Flash of lightning)

    Noor (To illuminate)


    Ko (Light, peace)

    Lior (My light)

    Aaron (Enlightened)

    Kenzie (Light one)

    Lucas (Bringer of light)

    Roshan (Bright, light)

    Lux (Light)


    Adie (Dark one)

    Adrian (Dark one)

    Darcy (Dark)

    Donovan (Dark warrior)

    Keir (Dark skinned)

    Morris (Dark skinned)

    Nigel (Dark)

    Fineas (Dark skinned)

    Blaecleah or Blakely (From the dark meadow)

    Bron (Brown or dark)

    Bronson (Son of the dark man)


    The name Blake can mean "dark or dark-haired", but it can also mean "pale or light".


    - Kenzie & Adrian

    - Lior & Darcy

    - Lucas & Bronson

    - Roshan & Keir

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    Luke{Light} Dwayne{Dark}

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    Luke means "Light" And Blake means "dark;bright"

    Source(s): Had this project in year 7 about names
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    Lucian & Darcy (light & dark).

    Zain & Duncan (light & dark).

    ~ A ~

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    This website is brilliant :)

    Gives you name with their meanings and extra info too! :)


    Source(s): Due today!
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    Ying and Yang?

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    Lucifer means "light-bearer".

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