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Anonymous asked in Consumer ElectronicsGames & GearPC · 8 years ago

2 questions about Steam?

Hi, I have just started using steam. In near future I'm going to buy new pc and I was wondering how I transfer my games. Do I have to uninstall all of them from this pc to be downloaded on new one? And second question is: How can I trade games? Can I trade only gifts or any game which I have allready installed? Thanks (sorry for bad english)


Chris: When I uninstall game from pc, will I obtain this "license" back?

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  • Chris
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    8 years ago
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    Install Steam on the new PC and re-download them from your account.

    You can install game you buy on up to 3 PCs.

    You cannot trade a steam game to the best of knowledge


    The licence is valid for 3 PC's. I Dont know how an uninstall effects it.

    I wouldn't bother with uninstalling. Just have your games on both the new and old PC.

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