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Why Does Boo Radley in To Kill a Mockingbird Save the Children?

I know that Bob Ewell was trying to kill them, but what was Boo's motivation to save the children? Why did he care about their wellbeing? How did he even know about them if he always stayed inside? Why did he leave them all those gifts in the tree?

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    In "To Kill a Mockingbird" Boo has been shut away from society all of his life with the exception of when he was very young he would sometimes be seen with his mother. He begins to put things in the tree as a means of reaching out to Scout and Jem. It took courage for him to try and reach out to another person. After Scout tears his shirt and leaves it behind, Boo mends it. Again he has stepped out of his safety zone.

    The evening the children are attacked by Mr. Ewell Boo was following. We are not sure why he was following, but to confront Mr. Ewell and save the children meant that Boo would have to have physical and direct contact with another human being besides his brother. Aside from the courage it took to thwart the attacker and protect the children, it took courage for Boo just to be in the presence of others. He does this again when he takes Jem to his father and when he stays in the house and later allows Scout to take him to Jem, sits in the room, and walks home holding Scout's arm.

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    I read the book, and what do you mean by he being a deranged killer? You are straying from the book's insightful moral. He is supposed to be a rumored deranged killer, but the book's point is that he is NOT a killer. Scout and Jem later finds out how kind he is and what a timid man he is, contrary to the rumors spread about him. Maybe you should get the book's insight first. AFTER READING YOUR COMMENT: well, maybe you should title it, "Boo Radley's Unwashable sins" or whatever.

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    Boo always have a fascination about Jem and Scout, and cared for them. Hence the gifts he gave in the treestump

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