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What do horse swirls mean?

My horse has three swirls, all down the length of her face, one swirl right next to her mane behind her right ear, and one on both stifles. Do these mean anything together or individually?

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    The position of the swirls on a horse's face are said to be an indication of their temperament or personality. One swirl in the middle of the face is the norm, and if it's located right between the eyes, the horse is said to be of average intelligence. (Below eye level = below average intelligence, above eye level = a higher intelligence.)

    Any more than one swirl on the face and the horse is said to be "different". This could mean in a good way or a bad way. I know multiple horses with double swirls, some of whom are geniuses with incredible work ethics, and some who were chronic bolters.

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    Years back Linda Tellington Jones did a lot of study on them. It has since been discovered that the swirls and the brain develope at about the same time.

    As I recall the higher the hotter and smarter the lower on the face could be dumb or dense. Two in the middle of the forehead would be a better lead changer.

    I did have an idiot gamble horse I bought that had a very high swirl. She was a beauty to look at but I think one that God made for the alpo can. I worked with her for a bout two weeks and dumped her at an auction and saw her come through a few more times.

    I do know that very few horses have a cowlick like a mule All mules I have seen have a long one in the center of the head.

    Cattle have them also. One of my daughters have a feed lot and a lot of the cattle with the highest ones are the most wild, hot and will fight.

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    Swirls are meaningless crap bad horse owners make up to make themselves feel better for all their dumb mistakes with their horse. They blame their errors on swirls and hoof colours and markings and anything else you can think of that has absolutely nothing to do with a horse's personality. All of the things mentioned above are basically random when the horse is born and don't mean a thing.

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    Nope. No meaning at all. Just the way that individual horse's hair grows. Same as with humans, some humans' hair grows straight, others curly, and some have crowns or double crowns.

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    They are just directions of hair growth. Assuming you have hair you have it too. It's call a cow-lick. Perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.

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    Google is a fantastic source. My personal opinion is there are no special meanings in cowlicks.

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