My story about eating disorder- interesting read?

I was thinking about writing about my experience through - anorexia,( though I dont really like to put a label on it) I'm a teenager so might be quite interesting from that point of view and the pressures we have in adolescence to look perfect. I want to change the way we look at ourselves and teach us to accept flaws!

I believe I have quite about interesting, maybe even inspirational story how I managed to avoid getting in that hospital bed (even though the doctors insisted I must) and fight off this evil food hater off my back that was sucking my life away. Was just wondering if you would think it would be an interesting read or whether it would just bore and depress everyone?? What do you think????

P.S tell me if u want me to give you more detail ,, thankssss:))xx

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  • 9 years ago
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    I think that could be a really interesting read if you put a fair amount of effort into it. If you want to genuinely inform people about this disease, try not to make it just a sob story. Be brutally honest about your experiences, say what YOU think about it and don't just repeat what the media or anyone else says about it, and point out the common misconceptions that people make about anorexia. The reason why the book "Girl, Interrupted" was so fascinating was that it stripped away conventional wisdoms and assumptions people make about mental illness and gave an insight into what was really going on in the author's head - if you can do that with your story, it'll be one hell of a read and it would benefit a lot of people to understand the disease better. Good luck, I wish you all the best :)

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  • 3 years ago

    this is my story...

    “If plan A fails there are 25 more letters in the alphabet” that’s one of the motivational quotes that fill my walls. Most people think they are there to motivate me to wake up in the mornings or to get good grades or to strive to always be happy. But the truth is these words fill my room to motivate me not to eat that day and then be brave enough to shove my fingers down my throat if I fail. When I walk into my school and I see my best friend standing outside my locker the smile that was already placed on my face brightened. Then she told me I looked perfect and that the dress I spent hours picking out this morning looked wonderful on me. I told her thanks but in my head I knew I wasn’t perfect because my thighs touch when I walk and my collar bone is not as prominent has most peoples and baby fat clings to my face with more will power to live than me. But then I see Jake… the hottest guy in school and he walked up to me and told me I looked pretty but while he was talking I tried to cover up every square inch of myself so he wouldn’t see the imperfections that surround me. But then he asked if I wanted to go get dinner with him. Me a sophomore girl going on a dinner date with the hottest junior. I was so fat and so ugly but he still chose me? The week before our date I ate nothing, I had to fit into my size 2 skin tight dress without an imperfection showing. I had to be perfect in the hideous body that god gave me. Once we arrived at the restaurant everything was almost perfect well if only I had not eaten that bite of salad yesterday. If only…but then I realized, we were at a restaurant which means I would be a freak if I didn't eat so I ordered a meal something I hadn't done for weeks I haven't had a complete meal for months only tiny bits and pieces and then shoving my fingers down my throat immediately because why did I deserve to eat. Why would a creature so ugly and fat like me deserve to eat food and make it worse? After A few bites of my meal I could feel the throw up coming up my throat like my body knew I didn't deserve this food before my mind did. I excused myself and went into the bathroom…and started to cry because this issue took over my life to the point where I couldn't even go an hour with food in my stomach. When I walked out Jake asked if I was okay and all I wanted to do was scream but just like every other day of my life I nodded and said I was fine. When I got home I threw up 4 more times until the stomach acid burned my mouth. I taste I am familiar with. The next day at school Jake and I’s date was all the gossip so when Stacy my best friend asked me to hang out that Friday and have a “girls’ night” I knew it was going to be full with gossip and pajama fights. But what I didn’t know was that there was going to be alcohol. When Friday came around and everyone was at Stacy’s I stepped out into the streets and called my brother begging for him to come pick me up from I told him it was because they were drinking but the truth is there are so many calories In beer! I haven't eaten in days and one drink would ruin that so while I sat outside I watched the sun lower and the day turn into night watching the darkness overtake the outside until everything was dark but somehow even with the darkness I could still see every flaw on my body. When my brother’s car pulled up and I got in the car we sped off then he made a side comment about how he hadn't eaten all day and how he was so hungry. Jokingly I said no kidding and then all of a sudden the secret that ate away at me more than the hunger was released I told my brother how I hated myself. I told my brother how every day I fight the urge to eat because I'm so awful and that when I crave and can't stop myself from eating I shove my fingers so far down my throat I can forget the pain. I can forget that I need to eat to survive. Then, the car stopped and the red light glared into my brothers face and I could see tears rolling down his cheek and he told me he loved me and in that moment the facts that my thighs touched or my collar bone wasn't prominent or that fact that my cheeks still had baby fat. It didn't matter because I thought no one could love me if they knew all my imperfections but I poured my soul out to him and he still loved me. I used to hate god. I used to hate him for giving me everything I hated about myself like the skin I live in but what I didn't know is that god gave me a brother that saved my life. I was anorexic and bulimic for 8 months and 27 days. I ended up staying in the hospital to recover for 2 weeks because my blood sugar had gotten so low that one day later and I would have drop dead on the streets but I didn't because I knew that it didn't matter what anyone else thought because my brother loved me even with my imperfections. When I got home from the hospital i ripped up the quotes that filled my walls and looked upon my clean new room and knew this was going to be a fight but I had an army and was determined to win.

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