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Is it true that FDR refused to be photographed with a black person?

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Great Moments in Democrat Racist History -- Hugo Black

The true story of a Klansman who became a Senator, and was appointed as a Supreme Court Justice by FDR

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  • Andy F
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    FDR did have a scandalous record on race relations -- probably not because he was racist himself, but because he was deliberately pandering to Southern Democrat committee chairmen in Congress to get his New Deal legislation enacted.

    The biographies that I've recently read on FDR and of Eleanor Roosevelt both record how appalled many of FDR's northern supporters, both black and white, were by his refusal to support anti-lynching legislation once he entered the White House.

    In the early years, he also implicitly allowed New Deal programs to be structured in ways that refrained from challenging racist employment practices in the South -- again, because he was courting the favor of Southern Democrats in key congressional committees

    He needed their acquiescence, if not their active support, to get programs like Social Security started, and in return for their support he was willing to overlook the shameful exclusion of black domestic workers, for example, from benefits under Social Security.

    Eleanor Roosevelt, on the other hand, consistently stood for racial equality in the 1930s, sometimes to the extent of drawing unfavorable publicity from Southern newspapers and thus putting some of her husband's political strategies at risk.

    Despite the rather horrible compromises Franklin Roosevelt made with racists, of course, the Democratic Party today has a much more consistent position on civil rights legislation than the Republican Party, whichnow includes conservative and sometimes racist white people of the sort who used to register as "Southern Democrats" before the 1960s.

    Another interesting point: how many older African American men have been given the first name "Roosevelt" over the years? As in Roosevelt Grier, etc?

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    In those days white people didnt hang with black people, therefore were not photo'd with them either. It was the time they were in.

  • timf67
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    9 years ago

    so what.he had that right.i am proud of him for doing as he wanted.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    yes it is true

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