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Can my father blackmail me?

My father just got this year's medical insurance cards and is saying he won't let me use them unless he gets what he wants. This means I can't go to the dentist or the doctor or the emergency room without him coming too. He and my mom divorced like 5 years ago. The therapists call him emotionally and verbally abusive. He manipulates me and my sister to get what he wants. I feel better when I don't see him and my mom is working on getting sole custody of me. Does anyone no if what he is doing is legal or not? Do you think my mom could get sole custody? I know I would have to talk to the judge and I am okay with that. I want to be in control of my life and my life is a lot less scary when he isn't in it.

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    I guess it depends how seriously ill you are. If you are incredibly ill and he refuses, then yes it's child endangerment. If you are not that ill, then it is not entirely illegal what he's doing. It's his insurance that he paid for. He owns it so he has the right to abuse it. It's just morally wrong.

    Get out of there is he's emotionally and verbally abusive. He will only continue to blackmail you and bring you down. Once you are old enough to get a job etc, earn your own money and pay for your own insurance. That way no one can even blackmail you like this or hold anything over your head.

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  • Anonymous
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    That is incredibly messed up and really stupid on his part as it will absolutely increase your mother's chances of getting full custody. Here is a law article that talks about issues in child custody cases: Any form of abuse and neglect is going to be frowned on by any judge. In fact, manipulative behavior like that can even potentially hurt his visitation rights. This article talks about the main factors that can alter visitation rights: He could end up getting less visitation or forced monitored visitation. Also, you sound like you might be older now. In most states, if you are over 13, the judge will take your opinions into account as far as custody goes. Here is one last article that talks about that-a child's say in custody: Be sure to keep any texts, e-mails, voice mails, etc in which your father has threatened you. Also, your mother may be able to get your therapist to testify in court about the damage your father is inflicting. No parent should ever use their children like that, best of luck.

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  • Matt
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    If they have joint custody, have your mom get your insurance cards from him. After all, you may be with your mom when you need to see a doctor.

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  • If you are ill and he refuses to help it is called child endangerment and it is illegal. You can seek helpy from child protective services, and because you are old enough to right a legible question here, you should be allowed to talk to the judge yourself and give your opinion.

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