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My cat goes to the bathroom right NEXT to his litterbox.. help!?

UGH! So I have two indoor only cats. They've only been indoor cats. Well, Andy (he's been doing this forever) refuses to poop in his litterbox. He doesn't do it around the house, he just does it right next to the box. And today, I caught him peeing like that, right next to it! We've tried changing litters, cleaning the box often, and everything but he just keeps on doing it, and my parents are getting so sick of it, and it's gross. So how on earth can I stop this? And why does he do it? I dont want to have to give him up :(


He is nuttered, too. and Amanda, would you like to eat a treat out of your toilet bowl?

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    Firstly, make sure you're cleaning his business up with something like Urine Off. Even when it looks clean, bacterially sanitised and smells fresh to us, cats can detect their own business beyond these scents and consistently use the same site for their purposes.

    Secondly, most cats don't like to share, so if the litter already smells of another cat, they will refuse it. That said, there might be other factors too: He was never litter trained properly and this has been allowed to go on. The walls of the litter might be too high. He still doesn't like whatever type of litter is bought (try sand/dirt if all else fails, or shredded newspaper). He might not like the plastic, make sure it isn't green (cats can see it, and some are put off by it). He might just prefer plain old floor to litter (layer some newspaper into his litter. If he has never used the litter, it doesn't smell like him. Scoop a bit of his business into it (after laying down plastic covers so it doesn't mess your floor up when he does this again.

    You will need to retrain him to use his litter as he is obviously not properly trained (common problem with cats who leave their mothers before 12 to 13 weeks, and first-time litters). Put him in a single room of the house about the time he usually does some business. Since he has a habit of going NEXT to the litter tray, it's probably not a good idea to start off freaking him off too much about it, or it might compound his hate for the tray and cause him to go elsewhere. Take two trays, Andy, food, water, toys and yourself into the room. Cover floors with protective sheeting and put the two trays down.

    Fill one with litter, line one with newspaper. If he squats near one, pick him up quickly and dump him into the litter box. If he escapes and again tries to do it elsewhere, again put him into the litter box. Scratching around inside his litter with a scoop might help him get the idea as well. Every time he manages to use the litter successfully (whether or not he got there on his own steam or you put him in), praise him as soon as he's clear of the tray (don't do it while he's using it, cats are particularly skittish when they are and hate being 'camped' as they come out). Give him a food treat, pats, whatever it is that he likes, then let him out of the room.

    Bring him in again in an hour or two or when you think he's about to go again. Put him into the tray again if he starts squatting/tail-shaking outside the tray. It might take a few weeks, but he will eventually get the idea that you want him to go in the tray. If he's too far away for you to pick up, then you will have to shake a tin of coins or do something to frighten him off doing it on the floor. Use that sparingly, especially if he's actually near the litter tray.

    Good luck.

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    Sara Lynn......apparently, Andy is unhappy about his litter box situation. If it's covered, remove the cover.......AND, since you don't mention having a 2nd box, have mom get another one....also NOT covered.

    The reason for this is.....the covers hold the odor in, and cats do NOT like that smell....also, having to share a litter box makes most cats unhappy. So, try getting him a litter box of his own, and set it in a different place.

    Personally, I've gotten rid of all of my "regular" litter boxes, and am using containers ( blanket-size storage ) for litter boxes. These are larger & taller and not covered. This makes them easier to clean, and the litter stays inside........I got mine at Walmart ( 18 gallon Sterilite ) and they're inexpensive, too......."Regular" litter boxes are too shallow & too expensive.......since I have 8 litter boxes, which I clean TWICE a, don't have the "out of the box" problem.

    Hope this helps........Good luck......

    Source(s): 50+yrs cats ( 11 indoor, spayed & neutered ) / "issues"
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    make sure you have at least two trays.

    Having said that, one of mine refuses to poo in his tray and always uses the floor besides. My floor is tiled so its easy to clean.

    Put something down around the tray so it can be cleared easily.

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    get a bigger litterbox. or put treats in it

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