I would like a fantasy/sci-fi romance anime that is relatively long, i.e greater than 25/26 episodes.?

I'm not stupid. I know there ARE long anime's, such as Dragon ball, and ridiculously long anime's that have thousands of episodes. If i simply wanted any long anime i could go to Wikipedia and type worlds longest anime series. I, however am looking for a fantasy or sci fi anime with romance in it. Alternatively any harem anime over 25 episodes would be welcome. Importantly i DON'T want standard romances because they are boring. Examples of anime and manga that I like include To Love Ru and the sequel. The anime's themselves do NOT have to be romances. It would be alright only if there is romance in them. In other words they can be a subplot.

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    9 years ago
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    If you liked To Love-Ru, you might consider UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie. It's 34 episodes (several of which are OVAs) and kind of similar (slightly ecchi, harem, alien-girl). I realize that's not much much over your limit, but shounen/harem romances tend to not be long-lived.

    Eureka Seven is a sci-fi romance that runs 50 episodes. I think it's a more serious romance.

    Among the fantasy-romance series, you might consider Familiar of Zero (aka Zero no Tsukaima). It has 3 TV seasons plus some OVAs. Its set in a world where magic works.

    There's always Inuyasha. The romance is kind of in the background for most of the series. But it's very long (almost 200 episodes including The Final Act) and fantasy -- so it meets your other requirements in spades... and the romance does eventually get there.

    If you're open to older series, there's Kimagure Orange Road (sort of a high-school romance but it involves a family of ESPers so it's got a fantasy angle = 48 eps), Macross 7 (mecha sci-fi, 49 eps), and Urusei Yatsura (alien girl, 195 eps + several movies). Urusei Yatsura isn't very serious about its romance, though; it's more comedy.


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    Steins gate is the best choise for u.. .starts off slow but if u power through all the mushy stiff at the start a frickin super cool sci fi awaits u.. u'll hav to concentrate cuz u might not understand the story otherwise

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    Gurren Lagann definitely...It has romance in it and it's definitely fantasy sci/fi. It also has great action in it too!! It has 27 episodes...

    Description: Young laborer Simon dreams of seeing the world aboveground, but when his wish comes true, he finds a violent land in which humans battle robots controlled by a vicious noble. Simon and his friends become mighty warriors who battle for their freedom.

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  • Riah
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    9 years ago

    Cowboy Bebop

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    I haven't seen a lot like this, but Oh My Goddess (the 2005 show) fits the bill. Also Mahoromatic barely scrapes by at 29 episodes (if you count the OVAs).

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    Long, action, adventure, romance, fantasy, sci-fi =


    "Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood"

    "Rurouni Kenshin"

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