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Should Lovie Smith's days be numbered? Are they?

Take a look at the piss poor decisions he made on Sunday both from a personnel and coaching standpoint.

Jerry Angelo has nothing to do with THAT incompetence


Hey bryan that is exactly my point. he was more worried about winning a meaningless game to finish the season 8-8 instead of using tha tgame as an opportunity to evauate his young talent going into next year. POOR coaching decision

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    the decisions he made on sunday. Who cares what happened on sunday. Did you gain anything by winning or losing? No. Has lovie smith brought the chicago bears success? yes. If Cutler and Forte werent hurt and if that OL wasnt banged up would the bears be in the playoffs? More than likely.

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  • His days are numbered, but not in the immediate sense. I think 2012 will be a pivotal season for him. With a healthy Cutler, a re-signed (or replaced) Forte, maybe another playmaker from free agency/draft... and a better offensive coord.... it's going to be showtime for him. If he doesn;t at least make it to the Conf Champ game, he'll be dust.

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  • 8 years ago

    No, I would not fire him. He took them to a superbowl a few years back and had no quarterback to work with for half the year.

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