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radio wiring diagram for 94 f150?

color diagram

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    Radio 12v lt. green/purple + radio harness

    Radio Ground black and black/lt. green - radio harness

    Radio Ignition pink/black or lt. green/yellow + radio harness

    Radio Illumination lt. blue/red (dimmer) + radio harness

    Factory Amp Turn-on dk. green/purple + radio harness

    Notes: This is the subwoofer amplifier turn on lead. The subwoofer and amp are in the driver side rear corner of the cabin. The subwoofer speaker wires are brown/orange (+), and red/black (-) at the radio harness.

    Power Antenna N/A

    LF Speaker +/- orange/lt. grn - lt. blue/wht +,- radio harness

    RF Speaker +/- white/lt. grn - dk. green/org +,- radio harness

    LR Speaker +/- gray/lt. blue - tan/yellow +,- radio harness

    RR Speaker +/- orange/red - brown/pink +,- radio harness

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    radio wiring diagram for 94 f150?

    color diagram

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    1987-91 Ford F Series Stereo Wiring Constant 12V+ Green/Yellow Switched 12V+ Yellow/Black Ground Red or Black Illumination Blue/Red Dimmer n/a Antenna Trigger n/a Antenna Right Front Front Speakers 6" Doors Left Front (+) Orange/Green Left Front (-) Black/White Right Front (+) White/Green Right Front (-) Black/White Rear Speakers 6" x 9" Rear Corners Left Rear (+) Pink/Green Left Rear (-) Pink/Blue Right Rear (+) Pink/Blue Right Rear (-) Green/Orange

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    If im reading my haynes manual correctly I believe its wht/blu=12v constant yel/red=acc gry/blk=left front speaker brn/blk=right front speaker blu/yel & gry/wht=left rear speaker red/yel & brn/wht=right rear speaker left tweeter= blu right tweeter=red/grn

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