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Old Republic: Juggernaut or Marauder for PvP?

I'm starting on a PvP server and I am going to focus on PvP. Which one is better?

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    I went juggernaut for the heavy armor survivability and I'm at level 36. Idk if you're aware of this but war zones practically match people up of all levels and then everyone is buffed to be about equal. I also play for PvP.

    My experience so far... I eat through everything except Juggernaught tanks. I am vengeance spec'd. The only times I have been bursted down have been twice: once by a marauder who was a significantly higher level than I, and an assassin. All other times I wreck people 1v1, and only die in group situations if there is no healer or if I'm getting focused down (this happens a lot because of how destructive I am).

    Also, most of my attacks are for single targets and I don't do a lot of damage overall i usually place 3rd on the dps chart At the end of war zones. whereas snipers and sorcerers almost always place first or are top 4.

    My experience in previous MMOs for pvp is also quite substantial. High rating in ranked pvp (2500) for WoW. And I played a lot of Warhammer online. I Keybinds every move and I do not keyboard turn. I've also put together a nice little way to burst people.

    Juggernaut might end up the underdog; however, and I do not know this experience may change at level 50. You're safer going marauder.

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