How do I find a job serving subpoenas in philadelphia, pa?

Any Help PLEASE!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Below is a a brief not all listing of firms in PA that do serve subpoenas which I found on a website listed below . I recommend you goggle on the internet these professional organizations or call to find out qualifications/skills/education they require for you to be eligible for this position. It is important that you ask someone at the organization if they offer a intern or volunteer positions,none paid, two days a week so that you can start some training. Good Luck!!!


    TIP: Like any career goal you might consider taking any open job at these companies to get your foot in the door and then taking any courses or training to do the process server job.

    United States and Canada

    Process Server Directory - Find Local Pre-Screened Process is the most visited resource on the internet for finding local, pre-screened process servers. is committed to matching lawyers, paralegals and other legal professionals with a process server who can meet their needs. Need a subpoena, summons or other legal document

    Federal Process Server Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Process Servers & Field Investigators

    iCORP Services & Solutions Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania Process Service and Court Research Services

    Philadelphia Bureau of Investigation, Inc. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    PA Private Investigator / Process Server

    Services for Professionals

    Contact Us:215.546.7400


    Email: If your demands are matchless performance at very competitive rates, you can depend on our highly trained, fully insured staff of over 40 experienced employees. For more than a quarter of a century, attorneys throughout the country have relied on our knowledge and skill for process serving, court filing, court reporting, and their investigative needs. We provide training seminars for your support personnel in the Delaware Valley.All staff members receive on-going training.Individual staff members have proven expertise in a variety of different areas

    First Class Subpoena Services

    1800 Callowhill Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130

    215-240-3625 (Phone)

    1-800-470-4787 (Fax)

    We have played a dynamic and influential role in shaping our industry on local and national levels.

    Founding member of the National Association of Professional Process Servers.National Association of Legal Investigators.National Council of Investigation and Security Services

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    call a process service company.

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    here there are good sites on business

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