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Why do,Republicans say Democrats are the KKK party?

Which technically is true but they always say the democrats are the racists just check your history.

Of course we "college liberal pansies" already knew that southern democrats switched parties to the republican party because they opposed civil rights and that the republican party should be called the republikkkan party. Don't belive me, check these out>

early 1960s – Arthur Ravenel, Jr. of South Carolina, before running for the South Carolina Senate

1960s – James F. Byrnes of South Carolina, after endorsing many Republicans in the 1950s and 1960s

1961 – Charlton Lyons to run for Louisiana's 4th congressional district seat

1961 - Billy J. Guin of Shreveport, to support Charlton Lyons for Congress

1962 - Dave Treen, later became U.S. Representative for Louisiana (1973-1980) and Governor of Louisiana (1980-1984)

1962 – Jack M. Cox, to run for Governor of Texas; losing to later Republican convert John B. Connally, Jr.

1962 – James D. Martin, to run for the U.S. Senate from Alabama

1962 – Ronald Reagan of California, while an actor and former Screen Actors Guild president [43]

1962 – Floyd Spence, while a South Carolina state Representative; ran for the House of Representatives as a Republican and lost, later elected to the state senate before making a successful run for the House

1964 – Strom Thurmond, while U.S. senator from South Carolina switched to the Republican party on September 16, 1964.[2]

1965 – Albert Watson, while U.S. Representative from South Carolina (resigned before switching parties and re-won his seat in a special election)

1965 – Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, while running for Philadelphia District Attorney; in 2009, he switched back to Democrat [44].

1965 – Roderick Miller (LA) after unsuccessfully run for judgeship in 1964

1966 – Thomas A. Wofford, before write-in campaign for State Senator from South Carolina

1966 – Len E. Blaylock, to support Winthrop Rockefeller for Governor of Arkansas

1966 – Jerry Thomasson of Arkansas, switched from Democrat to Republican while an state Representative to run for Attorney General of Arkansas

1966 – Henry Grover of Texas, switched from Democrat to Republican while a state Representative before successfully running for Texas Senate.

1967 – William E. Dannemeyer, while serving as a superior court judge before returning to the California State Assembly

1967 – Allison Kolb of Louisiana, while seeking a political comeback running unsuccessfully for state Treasurer, lost 1956 Democratic primary for state auditor

1968 – William Reynolds Archer, Jr., while a member of the Texas House of Representatives

1968 – Will Wilson, former Texas Attorney General switched to support Richard M. Nixon in the 1968 presidential election

1968 - Comptroller General of Georgia James L. Bentley switched to Republican.

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    Then, I find it difficult to understand any reasoning for the results of the legislative vote on the 1965 Civil Rights Act, where the margins were;

    Senate Democrats- 73% yea, 27% nay

    Senate Republicans- 94% yea, 6% nay

    House Democrats- 78% yea, 22% nay

    House Republicans- 82% yea, 18% nay.

    I can't quite understand why anyone would switch to a party which votes against their core beliefs.

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    There's very few advantages, in being an old geezer... There is how ever one... The advantage of living through it, & seeing it first hand... In this day & age, of who's interpretation of history, you believe.. Its good, having seen it, first hand...

    I'm a liberal, myself now.. But in this given scenario, the Republicans are right... The Democrats were, in line with the KKK... I'm sure you're heard the name, Governor George Wallace.....He was the Democrat Governor of Alabama... A hard core southern Democrat racist.. The old southern Democrats, were notorious, for being rascal... In the 60's & 70's, a strange occurrence took place... Mostly under President L.B. Johnson... The old southern Democrats move over to, the open arms, of the Republican party... Its also interesting to note... Prier to the 60's, most blacks, voted Republican, the party of Lincoln.. During the 70's, there were but a very few blacks, still voting Republican... It took me, until the 80's, & the Reagan administration, to relies... It was time to leave the Republican party... The Republican party, was getting in line with the old southern white slave owners... Pretty much, just like they're doing with wall street now...

    Bottom line is, its silly, backing any party... Just because it has a "D', or "R" in front of it... In my mind, President Dwight D. Eisenhower, was a mighty good president, but the guy was Republican... He was the father of corporate 90% tax, father of the interstate highway system... At that time, I was, still am... Proud to say, at that time, I was a Republican... But when party's go goofy, its time to switch...

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    Jefferson Davis and John Breckinridge were Democrats

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    Remember "Sheets Byrd"

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    Here's one for you: Are you aware that without support of Republicans, the Civil Rights Act would not have passed.

    Source(s): Sweetie, the KKK existed long before the 1960s. You can thank the democrats for it.
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    bull connor, robert byrd, bill clinton, hillary clinton, joe biden. And if I have to explain THAT, theres no point in talking to you.

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    You've already covered the ground.

    Add that conservatives are reactionary: therefore more interested in past (ancient?) history than present fact.

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    Check out the Democrats reaction to ANY person of color who wanders off the liberal plantation. They go berserk.

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    Why even try to analyze,

    That group of die hard.


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