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Is the "flexi" brand of retractable dog leash good?

I want to buy the flexi freedom soft grip retractable dog leash. I was wondering how good it is or if anyone has anything good or bad to say about it. Like pros and cons.

Thank You :)


I am not going to let my dog walk ahead of me, i never have and i never will. I want one because when i use a normal leash i have to hold it in two hands because it is heavy, long, and i like to keep my dog close to me and with it being -12 outside and me wanting to keep at least one of my hands warm and a retractable leash will let me keep my hands warm and my dog close to me. I hate when people use a retractable at its full leash when you are walking your dog with them b/c the dog keeps on going i front of your dog and it gets annoying. It is also unsafe. :)

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    The flexi is a good brand of retractable leashes. I'm not much of a fan of retractable leashes in general. They give dogs an excuse to pull. Plus there are too many people who use them in the wrong places like vets offices and pet stores.

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    I would not really suggest one. I see a lot of people "misuse" this type of leash. They let the dog walk very far ahead and have no control over the dog if there is another dog or person walking. Or they let the dog walk far into the road.

    Also, I have used flexi leashes on my own dogs before and my dog (a 22lb jack russell/corgi mix) broke the flexi to get to my friends dog. /: A normal leash is much better in my opinion over a flexi leash.

    However, a flexi can be good if you do not have a fenced in yard and have to take your dog out at night, but I would not use it when walking my dogs.

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    Dog Leash Brands

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    Horselover268, small Dogs are NOT weak! I have a Pomeranian Sheltie mix and she`s VERY strong, she can clear a stair case (That has around 5 stairs) and jump off of the porch with no trouble, and she`s 15 pounds, and my 9 pound Pomeranian can do Agility! To answer the question, yes, Flexi is a very good brand if you`re planning to get a retractable leash.

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    Flexi" brand of retractable dog leash are good if your dog is well trained and don't pull you all the time. It is harder to control your dog with the leash full extended. I do like using ours when we are at a camp ground and just hanging out so our dog has some leeway to move around a little more. She likes to visit people around our site.

    Cathy Forcier

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    8 years ago

    Flexi is cool but I bought a new leash with a water bottle, bowl, bags and a green to red strap for safety markers.i love it. I bought it online, everything is built in to this leash.

    The name is Water Walker Leash, it comes with awesome designs too.

    We have a condo in Florida, this stap is great for the leash laws.

    good luck

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    I will just say this.....I hate retractable leashes, but if you think you must have one, Flexi IS the best brand.

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