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Screen Actors Guild questions?

Hi I'm a 13 year old aspiring actress and, I've, heard alot about the SAG. it helps, you get jobs right?, why would, that affect casting directors decisions? Also how, do you get in this? Please list, any possible way, to, get in. would being an, extra, help?, thanks. By the way sorry for all the commas my phones being weird.

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    It's kind of a catch 22- for you to get a SAG card you have to have worked as a principal actor (meanins speaking role, not always an extra) in a Union film with a producer who works with the SAG. The catch is, it's very hard to get employed by a Union member without having a card. Ah? You get it?

    The Screen Actors Guild is THE union of all working film actors. If you want to be an actor in Hollywood, you need to be a member of SAG.

    1) Speak a line or do a stunt

    2) Get three union vouchers (pay stubs showing you were paid union scale for your work); or

    3) Know someone who can give you a leg up.

    Now, here's the catch. In order to get work in this town you really need an agent. An agent won't really care about you unless you are SAG. In order to get your SAG card you have to get cast in a show. Etc, etc, etc. It is a vicious circle.

    You can to get union vouchers after five months of slogging it out as an extra. And then you pay your "dues" and became a Union Actor.

    Source(s): Proud SAG card holder. One of the 98,000+
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    SAG is the labor union for film actors. they have nothing to do with you getting a job. the only way you will get a job is through an audition. there are a couple ways to get in . either get a part as a principal

    actor in a SAG covered film, or get three extra jobs that give you vouchers for SAG. you will need a parent to do this with you.

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    Not really.

    What it does do is help you get paid, provides health insurance, and looks after working conditions.

    You get in by paying dues.

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