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||| The List |||

Demi Moore cheated on by her Aqua Husband

Maria Shriver cheated on by her Leo Husband

Brandi Glanville cheated on by her Gemini Husband

Kelly Osbourne cheated on by her Capricorn fiance Luke Worrall

||| Real Life |||

a scorpion chick I know just kicked out her aqua bf because he cheated on her with her virgo friend

WHY WHY OH WHY?????????



I challenge you to find 4 famous male or female from each sign that got cheated on.

All the scorpions I named got cheated in 2011

There are many more from each year

Update 2:

how do you explain all the scorpion women who got cheated?

Dayanara Torres a scorpion got cheated on by her virgo husband Marc Anthony

Rob Kardashian a pisces cheated on his scorpion girlfriend Adrienne Bailon

From my understanding Russell Brand a gemini cheated on Katy Perry another scorpion |||| that's why they are getting divorced.

&&&&&&& Brandi Glanville is not a Taurus she is a scorpion born on nov16


Update 3:

The only reason why Meg Ryan (scorpioN) cheated on Dennis Quaid (aries) is because he cheated through out the whole marriage and she's dumb because she cheated with Russell Crowe another aries so he probably cheated on her too.

FROM MEG RYAN'S OWN MOUTH "Dennis was not faithful to me for a very long time, and that was very painful. I found out more about that after I was divorced."

He cheated so now lets add Meg Ryan to the list of scorpioN women who got cheated. THAT'S 8!!!

and for your information most of the ones that you posted are just speculations. The ones that I posted are FACTS.

Instead of working so hard on trying to prove me wrong you should have just answered my question why do scorpion women get cheated

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    9 years ago
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    well scorpio girls always wants to control every single thing their men do, obviously the men get fed up and cheat on them, its the fact, its true! their men always have a hard time to breath, that's crazy.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You mean why did those celebrities get cheated on?

    According to one of the leading celeb magazines Demi Moore used to have 3 some with her husband and that "third girl". On one occasion her husband did it with that girl without telling her. So she divorced him.

    The other 3 celebrities probably have similar stories.

    You've just come up with only 4 Scorpios who have gotten cheated on while there are many others who get cheated on from different signs. This how how celebrities live their lives.

    I think this it's pretty immature asking questions like his, I wonder what your purpose might be other than trolling?

  • 9 years ago

    Okay so I kind of agree with ScorpioSun

    I mean it's really easy to take any sign and find a bunch of celebs who have that sign and have been cheated on. A lot of people get cheated on.

    However the second half about knowing their Scorpios- It's not that hard to find out a famous person birthday.

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    9 years ago

    What kind of crazy generalization is this? What about:

    Sandra Bullock - Born July 26

    Elin Nordegren (ex-wife of Tiger Woods) Born January 1

    Karina Smirnoff (ex of Mario Lopez) Born Jan. 2

    Ali Landry (also ex of Mario Lopez) Born July 21

    Elizabeth Edwards (wife of John Edwards) Born July 3

    There are cheaters and their victims in every sign.

    Source(s): Scorpio studing astrology.
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I suppose if you looked into enough scandal sheets you could find thousands of celebrity women from all signs who have been cheated on by their spouses.

    I'd consider that it's not a Sun sign thing as much as a celebrity thing...after all, celebrities are in the public eye, accessible to thousands of people, and are good mating material, from a biological and social perspective. There's tons of opportunity for a man to slut around....and, given the opportunity, most men in their situation WOULD slut around, just because the biological opportunity is there.

    You could read a high school biology book and get this information, btw. It has nothing to do with them being Scorpio women.

    aries (That's 4)

    Kate Gosslin (Jon Gosslin - Aries)

    Reese Witherspoon (Ryan Phillipe - Virgo)

    Dennis Quade (Meg Ryan - Scorpio yeah she cheated on him)

    Fergie ( Josh Duhamel - Scorpio)

    taurus (That's 4)

    Vanessa Bryant (Kobe Bryant-Virgo)

    Uma Thurman (Ethan Hawke- Scorpio)

    Cynthia Rodriquez (Alex Rodriquez - Leo)

    Cher (Sonny - Aquarius)

    gemini (that's 4)

    Elizabeth Hurley (Hugh Grant - Virgo)

    Bar Refaeli (Leonardo DeCaprico-Scorpio)

    Anna Kournikova (Enrique Iglasios -Taurus)

    Natalie Portman (Gael Garcia Bernal)

    cancer (That's 4)

    Elizabeth Edwards (John Edwards = Gemini)

    Angelica Huston (Jack Nicholson- Taurus)

    Princess Diana (Prince Charles - Scorpio)

    Sophia Bush (Chad Michael Murray -Virgo)

    leo (That's 4)

    Sandra Bullock (Jesse James-Aries)

    Tipper Gore (Al Gore- Aries)

    Halle Berry (Eric Benet -Libra)

    JLo (Marc Anthony-Libra)

    virgo (that's 4)

    Shania Twain (Mutt Lange - Scorpio)

    Cameron Diaz (A-Rod...serial cheater)

    Blake Lively (Leonardo DiCaprico..again)

    Beyoncé Knowles (Jay-z, or so it's said)

    libra (That's 4)

    Jaime Bergman (David Boreanaz-Taurus)

    Kate Winslet (Sam Mendez-Leo)

    Dita von Teese (Marilyn Manson- Capricorn) (one sight has her as a Sagittarius....)

    Heather Locklear (Richie Sambora - Cancer)

    scorpio (That's 4)

    Shawn King (Larry King-Scorpio)

    Hillary Clinton (Bill Clinton-Leo)

    Marie Shriver (Arnold - Leo)

    Brandi Glanville (Eddie Cibrian- gemini) I found a different date for her but for the sake of arguement, there are plenty more. I've already dis-proven your theory, anyway.

    sagittarius (that's 4)

    Shaunie O'Neal (Shaq - Pisces)

    Dean Sheremet (LeeAnn Rhimes- Virgo)

    Kim Bassinger (Alec Baldwin)

    Tina Turner (Ike Turner - there's a whole movie about that one.)

    capricorn (That's 4 and since Sienna Miller also cheated on Jude Law, that's 5)

    Elin Nordegren (Tiger Woods- Capricorn)

    Sienna Miller (Jude Law- Capricorn)

    Jillian harris (The Bachelorrette) (Ed Swiderski- Cancer)

    Nicole Michell (Eddie Murphy- Aries)

    aquarius (That's 4)

    Annette Roque (Matt Lauer- Capricorn)

    Diane Lane (Josh Brolin-Aquarius)

    Christy Brinkley (Peter Cook- Scorpio)

    Denise Richards (Charlie Sheen - Virgo)

    pisces (That's 4)

    Eva Longoria (Tony Parker-Taurus)

    Rozonda Ocelean Thomas (Chilli) (Usher- Libra)

    Ivana Trump (Donald Trump - Gemini)

    Drew Barrymore (Justin Long - Gemini)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I'm a female Scorpio and im not controlling nor do I get jealous and paranoid over my boyfriend cheating. It has nothing to do with your sign, it's how you handle your emotions and your mental stability when it comes to relationships.

  • 9 years ago

    Why do you keep saying "scorpion"??? It's "scorpio" with no N.

    And whoever said that scorpios push people into cheating : you are a horrible person. That was just nasty.

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    Their super insecure.turning their fears into realities

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