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xbox 0020 error help?

i tried to clean the gpu and cpu, put thermal paste, i put the x clamps back on, and i get this error. What can i do to fix my xbox?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Chris, here is a link to a discussion about how to fix the 0020 error code.

    Let me give a voice of warning to anyone else out there who wants to change their thermal paste because they read about other people doing it on Yahoo Answers. It is NOT the thing to do! You can cause more harm if you don't know what you are doing, like using an ESD (Electro Static Discharge) strap. If you have never used an ESD strap or have never heard of one, don't do this. The only reason to change your thermal paste is to make your heatsink more thermally intimate with your CPU. If the base of your heatsink is within a few degrees of your CPU, this is totally normal. If you put on too much paste, you will make it worse. If you use too little, you will make it worse. NASA stopped using thermal paste and use thermal pads because they were coating the inside of satellites in a vacuum environment.

    The weakest component in your system is a fan. When it fails, other components heat up and then they fail. All the energy you are spending on thermal paste should be spent on making sure your fan operates as efficient as possible. For every 10oC you cool your CPU or GPU you will double the life of the component. Thermal paste is but a small variable in this equation.

    Best regards - Garth

    Source(s): US Patent holder - Power Supply Design
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